10 Questions with Comcast’s Director of Learning & Development, Willie Mazyck


Willie Mazyck is the Director of Learning and Development at Comcast. He works within a division of the company called Comcast University, overseeing the development and implementation of training programs for several different areas of the enterprise.

Willie helps Comcast employees in a multitude of roles obtain the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to get their jobs done and drive the business forward. In this role Willie manages the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of all training content for Comcast’s residential sales channels. He serves as the primary point person for all Learning & Development projects related to retail and indirect sales channels.

We recently sat down with Willie to learn more about his role:

@ComcastCareers: What does a typical morning look like for you?
WM: I don’t know that any day is typical here at Comcast, it’s ever changing. But generally I get up, shower, get ready – all that good stuff. I kiss the little ones, kiss the wife, and head out. Then, my day is mostly filled with meetings with key stakeholders on strategic initiatives that require learning and development support from the University.

@ComcastCareers: What information do you need to get your job done every day?
WM: My job is all about sales enablement through learning. I ensure that our learning programs are the right size for the right audience. What we’ve found is that if we develop [a training program] that employees don’t find relevant, they won’t consume it. I typically refer to this as learning scrap – a waste of money, resources and time. In order to mitigate this, I have to partner very closely with the business and obtain mission critical information to ensure that training is focused on the key skills and behaviors that we’re looking to drive.

To be in this role, you really need to understand adult learning theory and instructional design – It’s really understanding how the modern learner likes to consume information. Then you need the experience. Having a sales background is helpful, particularly in the telecom and entertainment space.

@ComcastCareers: Comcast recently announced an initiative to make the Customer Experience the top priority. How does your job play a role in this?
: That [initiative] certainly funnels down to Comcast University, and our curriculum has to mirror that priority. We make the Customer Experience a priority in all of our training – it’s not just about the sale, it’s about the overall customer journey. From onboarding all the way through service installation and retention, we train employees on those end to end touchpoints.

@ComcastCareers: Tell us a little more about Comcast University…
: We’re 539+ employees strong, with more than 300 employees out in the field that deliver the learning programs that our colleges develop. The other 200+ CU employees either sit at HQ [in Philadelphia] or in the various divisions. If you think about the amount of employees we support – we have 100,000+ employees at Comcast – the University has to be this large to effectively support the workforce.

@ComcastCareers: How would you describe the culture of Comcast University?
WM: Our culture is very supportive, very collaborative, very inclusive and very embracing of one another’s successes.

@ComcastCareers: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
: It’s really rewarding to see that the programs that Comcast University creates are contributing to the business and pushing Comcast forward. We conduct ROI stories that explicitly show the value of our programs to our business partners. Knowing that we’re impacting the business favorably and that we’re meeting our stakeholder’s expectations is definitely fulfilling.

@ComcastCareers: How about the most challenging part?
WM: We support three divisions, 16 regions, and 14 sales channels including service centers, direct sales, indirect retail, and Xfinity communities. It’s a challenge for us at the University level because you try to standardize a national curriculum across all those divisions, but there are so many nuances and so much variability that each training has to be customized quite a bit for specific channels. But that’s our job – we’re here to support the business and drive it forward. It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge that we like. 

@ComcastCareers: Do you go ever go into the field to see how your training programs are working?
: I do some mystery shopping, “Undercover Boss”-style!

@ComcastCareers: How does Comcast differ from your past employers?
WM: Comcast is definitely more innovative. If you look at the strategic long-range plan of our senior leaders – we’re constructing a massive building next door that is all about innovation, engineering and taking us to that next level. If you think about being innovative, and the next big thing – Comcast is superior.

I’m happy to be a part of an organization that is looking to be better. If you think about improving the customer experience and the effort and rigor being placed around that, it just speaks to wanting to service our customers better and wanting to do the right thing. I’m happy to be a part of it.

@ComcastCareers: Finally, why Comcast? What keeps you here?
: Again, it’s the innovation. Our technology far exceeds our competitors – if you look at the X1 Operating System and its capabilities in terms of features and the overall customer experience… I just love that technology. Nothing is static here, it’s all dynamic. We’re always changing, looking for the next game changer.

With all that newness and innovation comes the need for learning. We play such a huge role in ensuring that our workforce is enabled to do their job effectively. Empowering them to be better, empowering their development is really what I thrive on. That’s what keeps me hungry, keeps me coming in every day.

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