10 Tips for Networking at Career Fairs

Career fairs can be a great way to jumpstart your job search. With all of those potential employers gathered in one place, someone has to come through with an offer, right? Well, if you’re not presenting yourself like an ideal candidate, you could do more damage than good. With the number of people flowing through any given event, recruiters shake a lot of hands and accept tons of resumes. Standing out and making an impression are essential for winning the day.

We talked to 10 Comcast recruiters about what makes people stand out at events. Here’s their advice for you to put into practice the next time you mix & mingle:

1. “Do your homework and go with a plan. Before the event, see which companies will be there and what jobs are available that relate to your personal experience. That way, you can speak to recruiters and share relevant experience in relation to their talent needs.”

– Na’Imah, Customer Service Recruiter

2. “When was the last time you left work and jumped for joy because you really rocked it out and got great results for your team? The way that people answer that question says a lot about the passion and drive that they bring to the organization. Put those thoughts and experiences into action during your interview, capture them on your resume and you will succeed!”

–  Gary, Technical Recruiter

3. “If you’re a member of the military, make sure you know how the jobs you worked in the service translate to the company you’re talking to. We have a “Military Skills Translator” on our careers site, which will help you do just that.”

–  Mike, Military Recruiting & Engagement

4. “Get rid of the ‘I’ll Take ANYTHING’ approach!’ You should know the job you’re looking for and the career path you want. I can’t tell you how many times I ask, ‘What type of job are you looking for?’ and the response is, ‘I’ll take anything!’ Knowing what you want helps the recruiter connect you to the right opportunity.”

– Michael, Sales Recruiter

5. “Be confident but not arrogant. Employers are looking for bright and competent, but also friendly.”

– Nick, MBA Recruiter

6. “Firm handshakes always win the day. Share your story in a 30-second elevator pitch with the recruiter before they ask YOU the questions.”

– Jim, Tech Recruiter

7. “Ask recruiters about their own experience with the company. This gives the recruiter the opportunity to talk about something besides their prepared script that they’ve likely repeated over and over.”

– Katrina, Media Sales Recruiter

8. “Take time between conversations. Jot down notes from the previous conversation, review any specific notes or questions you have before your next interaction. Regroup and re-energize!”

– Darrah, Accounting + Finance Recruiter

9. “Don’t waste the opportunity to network with fellow job-seekers and other professionals in attendance. You never know who will present that next big opportunity!”

– Shana, Field Operations Recruiter

10. “Keep your resume in the cloud on a service like Box, or Google Drive. This way you can instantly e-mail it to the recruiters you meet. And don’t forget to provide a brief recap of your meeting so as to reinforce your interaction with the recruiter.”

– Matt, Silicon Valley Recruiter

Thanks for taking the time to check out these career event tips from just some of Comcast’s recruiters. If you’re interested in connecting with our recruiters at a job fair or campus event, please check out our events page on Facebook. Best of luck and cheers to your career!