11 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn


The old saying was right all along: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In today’s digital-driven world, your LinkedIn profile is your first impression. So, how do you stand out? Below are some real tips from top members of Comcast’s Talent Acquisition community on how you can shine online:


“A sharp, professional profile picture and unique, concise description of their current role—plus a few personal interests.”
— Jennifer Abdinoor, Talent Acquisition Manager, Northeast Division
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“We look at the companies you follow and the groups you belong to.  Make sure these are professionally relevant!”

– Nick DiCicco, Campus Recruiter
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“If I am going to look twice at a candidate, it is the extras—like a personalized summary or a detailed recommendation from a superior—that count.”
— Michelle Macellaro, Comcast Spotlight Recruiter
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“Make yourself searchable. Consider your LinkedIn profile a virtual resume. If you want a recruiter to recognize that you are perfect for a job, you want them to be able to find you in their searches. The combination of showing up in a search and being an applicant for the open job are a one-two punch for an interview.”
— Matt Coler, Senior Recruitment Manager
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“Standing out on LinkedIn starts with having a powerful headline. This is your personal professional tagline. Make sure your profile has a well-written and detailed work history that includes your key accomplishments.”

— Kae Casey, Senior Sales Recruiter
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“Be sure to include Honors and Awards—highlight your accomplishments and the areas where you have been recognized. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from others and enhance your profile.”
— Darrah Howard, Senior Finance & Accounting Recruiter
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“It is important that every professional, whether actively or passively searching for a new role, has an updated LinkedIn profile. Keeping your profile current with accurate and grammatically correct information will increase the amount of opportunities approaching you.”

— Andrew Poskus, Corporate Recruiter
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“It may sound obvious, but the profile that embodies passion for what they do and shows a level of creativity plays well in the Tech world. Those stand out.”
— Matt Taylor, Senior Technology Recruitment Manager

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“The number one thing that I look for in a LinkedIn profile is the experience description. That it’s complete, show’s work ownership, and tells the story of their day in the life. I want to know what you do—not just where you work.”

— Rose Sankar, Technology Recruiter
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“What really catches my eye is the skills they list at the bottom of their profile and under each of their roles.”

— Christyne McCutcheon, Recruiter

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“Progression in career moves. I can see the company consistency—I want to see that they’ve changed roles over time and grown professionally.”

— Nicole Yue, Recruiter


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