Nike’s Head of Consumer Digital Technology Left Portland for Comcast in Philly. Here’s Why…

Chris Satchell has held top jobs in his field at A-list companies all around the world. He’s passionate about building smart, category-defining products. He could have taken his talents to a host of companies around the world, but he saw big opportunities to ply his trade for Comcast in Philadelphia. Here’s a look at what Satchell sees in Comcast and his new home in Philadelphia.

Chris, can you share a little about your career up until you came to Philly?

Sure, I grew up building video games and spent a big part of my career at different game companies until I moved to Microsoft.  At the end of my run there, I was the Chief Technology Officer for the Interactive Entertainment Business, which included Xbox and Games for Windows. I got to work with incredible teams, building industry-defining products, and development systems that support the entire industry.

From Microsoft, I went to IGT (International Gaming Technology) and as their CTO, I spearheaded global product development where we built hundreds of games each year, innovative consumer entertainment platforms, and casino-systems that power gaming across the globe. Our teams built the technology and helped open some of the biggest casinos in the world, such as Aria in Las Vegas – a nerve-wracking experience.

Most recently, I was at Nike where I was in charge of all their consumer-focused technology, specifically focusing globally on e-commerce,, brick & mortar retail stores, mobile apps, and brand activations. I got to develop some amazing products that truly help people every day, such as the Fuel Band, Running App and Nike Training Club.

Why Comcast? You had offers to go to lots of different companies in several different product categories all over the world and you chose to work at Comcast. What piqued your interest about what you could do with cable, internet, and home security?

I’ve always had a passion for technology.  Nike is fantastic company, but at the end of the day their core business is focused on apparel and shoes and I really wanted to get back to my roots in consumer entertainment.  Comcast is a technology company at heart and even before coming here, I was very interested in how their products and services could impact the way millions of people enjoy media and entertainment.  Movies, TV, Connectivity, Security, Internet of Things…that’s a very exciting backdrop for innovation and product development.

I truly believe it is people who make the difference, and the more people I met at Comcast, the more excited I got as I came to see the talent and passion of the people and their commitment to transforming the customer experience. The combination of people, mission and support to build great consumer products was an amazing opportunity.

You live and work in Center City. What’s your favorite thing about living in the heart of Philly?

I love living in Philly. The layout of the city makes it really easy to get around, and there are so many beautiful buildings, streets and parks.  There’s so much do here – bars, restaurants, shows, events – right outside your doorstep.  I grew up in England and lived on the west coast for 15 years, and so was very unsure what the east coast would be like.  The thing that has struck me since living here is just how friendly, helpful and supportive everyone is. People here are fantastic across the board, and I’m excited about learning more about the city and exploring all that it has to offer.

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