What Happens When the ‘Cable Guy’ Is the ‘Cable Gal’?


The thought of the “Cable Guy” usually illicits images of just that… a man.  So, what’s it like when the “Cable Guy” turns out to be the “Cable Gal?” We spoke to three women working as Communications Technicians—better known as Comm Techs—at Comcast to find out.

The ladies include Cathy, a 15-year Comcast veteran working as a Network Technician in the Boston area; Alisa, a Fulfillment Technician out of Levittown, Pa., who has been with the company for eight years; and Amanda, a Field Technician in Shippensburg, Pa., who joined Comcast in 2014.

The trio installs, troubleshoots and repairs Comcast products and services. Each day brings different challenges, but one thing is always consistent—a customer’s surprise when they open the door.

“The response I get from female customers is actually pretty cool,” Cathy says. “They open the door and say, ‘Oh, my gosh! It’s a woman!'”


Each woman boasts a different professional background. Amanda started in customer service for an education assistance agency, Alisa in retail and banking, and Cathy in costume jewelry design.

“The costume jewelry market started to decline, so I moved. A contractor for the cable company came out to do my install at my new house and I gave him a hand. By the time he was done, he offered me a job,” Cathy says. “Within five years I became a Network Technician. If you want to work where you can grow in your career, you can definitely do that at Comcast. There’s no ceiling in where you can go.”

Alisa has followed a similar path—transitioning from an entry level role to a Fulfillment Technician at Comcast. She has her sights set on one day becoming a supervisor, with the ultimate goal of reaching management level.

“I’m glad to be a part of a company that will be beneficial in moving forward in my career—Comcast offers a lot of different opportunities, particularly for women in this field,” she says. “You get to work for a great company that is constantly changing and growing. The best part is that we get to change and grow along with it.”


Amanda, the most recent addition to Comcast, has been blown away by the amount of support from both her team and management. “Everyone is there to help each other, no matter how big or small a question or issue may be. There’s open communication across the board,” she says. “I love how everyone is able to help each other to get things solved.”

All three women appreciate the mobility of the role and the opportunities it has provided them. They love that they aren’t stuck in one spot for too long and that they interact with customers on a daily basis.

“I want to tell women, don’t be hesitant to accept this role. We can do anything we put our minds to,” Alisa says. “There’s nothing in this job that a woman can’t do. I encourage plenty of women to put in applications. It’s a good opportunity and a great place to work.”

“It’s common for women to think they can’t do it because they feel scared or intimidated,” Amanda says. “But they can do it.”

Cathy, Alisa and Amanda all agree: women considering a career as a Communications Technician shouldn’t be afraid of the challenge. The position requires balance, work ethic and, most importantly, loving what you do.

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