Working at Comcast: Meet Becky, Director of Digital Media Optimization

Welcome back to “Working at Comcast,” a look into the daily working life of employees at Comcast NBCUniversal.

This week we head to Comcast’s Digital Center of Excellence in Philadelphia to meet with Becky, the Director of Digital Media Optimization.

Becky and team are committed to creating a best-in-class digital experience for people browsing – one of the 15 most-visited websites in the United States.

“I feel really excited about the work I am doing,” Becky says. “I wake up ready to be a part of a dynamic and fast-paced environment.”

Each day, Becky dives into the site’s data to ensure new customers can access the services they want through an optimized and intuitive sign-up process. She also uses real time data to facilitate a positive experience for existing customers, monitoring the site to guarantee it is consistently up-to-date, speedy, and user friendly.

“There’s not a day that goes by that there’s not something new on the site or in media,” Becky explains. “You get a lot of control and ownership. You get to launch new experiences and get feedback on them instantaneously.

The Digital Team’s collaborative efforts don’t end online. They can often be found hanging together outside of work, or making a difference in the local community through volunteer events like the Comcast Cares Day, the world’s largest single day of corporate volunteerism.

Find out more about Becky’s role as Director of Digital Media Optimization in the “Realistic Job Preview” below:

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