Working at Comcast: Meet Craig, a Direct Sales Representative

Welcome back to “Working at Comcast,” a look into the daily working life at Comcast. This week we are walking door to door with Craig, a Direct Sales Representative selling the XFINITY suite of products to customers in Sandy, Utah.

Craig is constantly out and about in his local community, interacting with customers and serving as the face of XFINITY. Direct Sales is a challenging career choice, but he has found that hard work and goal setting pay off.

“You can actually make as much as you want,” Craig says. “The earning potential is very huge.”

His day usually starts with a trip to the gym, but Craig is all business when he gets to the office in the afternoon. His daily schedule includes meeting with teammates, preparing sales brochures for the day, and hitting the road to make some sales.

“Being rejected, you’re going to find that in any door-to-door business,” Craig says. “You can’t let it get you down because you have to go to the next door – you have to get that next sell. You have to find whatever drives you to get that next sell. For me, it is that next sell.”

In addition to earning a paycheck, Craig has found his experience as a Direct Sales Representative for Comcast has changed his life in many different areas.

“Doing Direct Sales is a life changing event,” Craig says. “It’s changed the abilities that I have, my abilities with my family – it’s changed everything, and made it a lot better. This is something that will help you in every aspect.”

Find out more about Craig’s role as a Direct Sales Representative for Comcast in the “Realistic Job Preview” below:

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