Working at Comcast: Meet Dirk, Customer Installation Technician

Say “hello” to Dirk – a Customer Installation Technician working for Comcast. Dirk is the latest subject of our “Working at Comcast” series, a glimpse into the everyday lives of Comcast employees throughout the country.

Dirk is an early riser, though he has been known to hit the snooze button on his alarm clock once or twice before officially starting the day in West Palm Beach, Florida. After a quick breakfast, he hits the road in his XFINITY van to get in to the service center to meet with his supervisor, load up on the equipment he’ll need for the day and share some laughs with his team.

Dirk spends the majority of his workday visiting customer homes to ensure their XFINITY Internet, TV, and Voice services are clear and connected. He works on the frontlines of Comcast – educating and assisting customers through any issues they may be facing.

Customer Installation Techs like Dirk are skilled communicators who can solve problems quickly and efficiently. One never knows what issues will arise on a service visit, and Dirk is ready for the challenge each and every day.

“Just the simple fact that I get to come to work, interact with all our different customers to help improve their service and experience with us is awesome” Dirk says. “I have family to care for, to have Comcast back me up in that, I’m proud of that.”

Find out more about Dirk’s role as a Customer Installation Technician in the “Realistic Job Preview” below:

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