Working at Comcast: Meet Jay, Legal Senior Counsel

Welcome back to our “Working at Comcast” series. Today, we invite you to get to know Jay, an attorney serving as Senior Counsel for Comcast’s in-house legal team in Philadelphia.

Jay isn’t your typical courtroom lawyer. He provides expert guidance to various clients throughout the company, offering insights that fundamentally impact many of Comcast’s most important products and services.

A typical day for Jay consists of everything from contract reviews to business deals and product designs. He meets with internal clients and external vendors alike to ensure that every move is legally sound and risk appropriate.

Jay says, “The biggest difference between practicing in-house [at Comcast] and being at a firm is when you are on the outside you often don’t get to interact with the folks like engineers or product developers who are actually where the rubber meets the road and making things happen.”

“Here you actually get involved with a product and see the results of your guidance or the deal you are working on as they get rolled into a product and ultimately released into the marketplace,” he adds. “It’s really satisfying.”

Aside from helping to develop cutting-edge products and services, Jay’s favorite part of working on Comcast’s legal team is the collegial comradery between employees.

“Everybody has an open door,” he says. “If you ever have a question or want to kick an idea around, it’s as simple as walking next door and sitting down in somebody’s office.”

So, what does an attorney need in order to succeed at Comcast? According to Jay, it’s as simple as getting to a place of “yes.”

He explains, “One of the things that makes a great lawyer – and a long-lasting lawyer – here at Comcast is a desire to help our clients solve their problems and get to ‘yes’.”

Check out a day in Jay’s life in the Realistic Job Preview below, and head to to learn more about Comcast and its career opportunities for legal professionals by visiting

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