Working at Comcast: Meet Kalila, Senior User Experience Designer


This week’s “Working at Comcast” feature takes us to Philadelphia to meet Kalila, a Senior User Experience Designer working on Comcast’s Product Design & User Experience team.

Kalila is committed to making sure Comcast’s products and services are easy to use and easy on the eyes for millions of customers across the country. Toward that effort, Kalila designs experiences from the point of sale all the way through installation, remaining constantly mindful of the behaviors and needs of Comcast’s customers.

“We have a lot of really smart, talented individuals,” Kalila says. “It’s a very collaborative and encouraging environment.”

Kalila and team have worked on high profile projects including the 2014 Emmy-winning X1 Entertainment Operating System, as well as the XFINITY TV GO app. They are currently focusing on enhancing the customer experience for all Comcast customers. The Company recently announced an all-hands-on-deck mission to make customer experience their number-one product.

“We have millions of users. At the end of the day, they are the ones that matter,” Kalila says of her role. “They are the ones we’re designing for.”

Kalila and team utilize an in-house research lab to observe Comcast customers from all different backgrounds in order to discover their ultimate consumer needs. They rework designs in real-time to ensure Comcast’s products and services are intuitive, well-designed, and fun.

One of the biggest perks of Kalila’s role at Comcast is the ability to design for a mobile, desktop, and TV, a rare opportunity that is not available to many User Experience designers.

“Comcast has really provided me with a knowledge that I would not have been able to get elsewhere.”

Find out more about Kalila’s role as a Senior User Experience Designer in the “Realistic Job Preview” below:

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