Working at Comcast: Meet Pete, a Headend Technician

Welcome back to “Working at Comcast,” a glimpse into daily life at Comcast. This week, we meet with Pete – a Headend technician working to keep XFINITY services running for 20,000 customers on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Pete’s day-to-day responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining the Headend facilities in LBI, as well as implementing new products and upgrading old or defective equipment as needed to our customers in that area.

“Attention to detail is everything in the Headend,” Pete says. “We spend a lot of time to make sure that our sites never get shut down.”

Thoroughness is just one vital skill for Comcast’s Headend techs. The role is collaborative – Pete works with field techs daily in order to identify and solve problems they may be experiencing in the field.

If an issue does arise, Pete investigates, analyzes and solves in order to keep Comcast’s systems running at optimal speeds. He also manages and maintains the Headend’s various systems and programs, including the HVAC, transmitters and receivers to keep the space up and running.

Headend techs are an integral part of keeping Comcast products available in our local communities. Find out more about Pete’s role in the “Realistic Job Preview” below:

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We’re looking for experienced technicians to work in Headends in the communities we serve.  To learn more and apply, visit Comcast Careers.

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