2016 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival Kicks Off!

The documentary 'Aroma of Heaven.' (Photo credit: Produksi Film Negara)
The documentary ‘Aroma of Heaven.’ (Photo credit: Produksi Film Negara)

The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival began November 10 with their opening night film “Tiger Hunter,” and it runs until November 20. If you’re in the area, check out the film festival’s line-up at their website.

For everyone else, XFINITY is featuring a collection of short films that screened last year at the Philadelphia Asian Amerian Film Festival. Check them out!

Safari Time” – This short by Shaun Vivaris played at the festival in 2015, and it’s about a devious little girl drags her younger cousin on a monster safari adventure, with dire consequences.

The Loyalist” – A North Korean general checks in on his daughter at a Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to her motherland, in this short by Minji Kang.

Mooncake” – Francois Yang directs this story about a man who is torn between his French girlfriend and a childhood family friend.

Tadaima” – Robin Takao D’Oench’s short follows a Japanese American family that returns home at the end of World War II after being forced to live in the internment camps.

Aroma of Heaven” – This film is a documentary by Budi Kurniawan about the coffee industry in Indonesia.

For more Asian and Asian American content, go to XFINITY Asia!