Celebrate Japanese Heritage in Cinema with XFINITY International

By Liza Solberg


Spring has sprung! It’s time to celebrate Cherry Blossom season, and what better way to do it than to watch specially selected films about, in and around Japanese lives through the ages? Catch some of your favorite Japanese stories on XFINITY in the “Celebrating Japanese Heritage in Cinema” collection on the X1 International page.


This film documents the struggle of a mother in post-war Japan as she faces a decision between duty, love, family and freedom.

Watch “Tsuyako” online or on your X1.

Sumo Road

“Sumo Road” is a short film that follows a Japanese exchange student who joins the university sumo team and is faced with the difficult decision to face his own team captain. Will he choose competition or friendship in the end?

Watch “Sumo Road” online or on your X1.


Tamotsu grapples with the ideas of life and death in the heartfelt short story “Persimmon.”

Watch “Persimmon” online or on your X1.


This is the story of a man and the bicycle that may save his life.

Watch “Jitensha” online or on your X1.

Juliet Juliet

A sing-along story about two female rivals competing for a role in the high-school annual music festival. Things escalate even further when a male transfer student appears.

Watch “Juliet Juliet ” online or on your X1.

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