Cricket IPL Schedule from April 15—May 27 2018

Xfinity X1 makes it easy to experience Cricket like never before! To watch the 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL), say “Cricket” into your X1 Voice Remote to discover live matches, view upcoming match schedules, watch replays, news, YouTube and other short-form web videos. Restart your match and never miss the beginning of a game again or rewind and replay your favorite play over and over.

To help you plan your days, here’s Indian Premier League 2018 full schedule, match timings, venues, etc.

2018 Cricket IPL Schedule


For a complete cricket experience, go to Xfinity’s dedicated cricket destination on X1 by saying “Cricket” into your X1 Voice Remote. You’ll find all things cricket in one place, such as:

  • Just one click directs you to a live cricket match being aired on Willow. You can watch replays, restart currently airing matches, view upcoming match schedules, learn about the latest news, and view cricket related short-form web videos.
  • Did you miss some moments? Don’t worry, you can always restart or rewind cricket matches through Willow feeds.
  • Watch the live match from the beginning with instant VOD technology (only available for Willow). Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, Willow TV is available anytime with live streaming on the Stream App.
  • Comprehensive search through T9, Voice Remote, navigation search and also find through International and Asian American Film & TV menus.

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For more information on Xfinity’s X1 Cricket destination, click here.