Editor’s Top Picks of the Month: Coming Home

By: Anderson Le


This September’s collection, Coming Home, looks at Asian Pacific American (APA) stories that delve into family histories, traditions, filial piety, and the memories that bridge the immigrant experience that serve as the foundation of what America is all about. If it’s in our backyard, on the national stage, rooted in reality, or sometime in the near future, these APA films bring a lens into specific cultural experiences that are also very universal, as directed by emerging filmmakers with unique voices in capturing the authenticity of what it means to be APA. Here are some “Coming Home” films to check out this month:


1. “Hoai (Ongoing Memory)

Directed by Quyên Nquyen-Le

Not long after breaking up with her longtime girlfriend and moving back in with her refugee father, Hoai suddenly finds herself going head-to-head with the paralleling tensions of her father’s experience during the Vietnam War, and the current xenophobia in the United States.


2. “San Jose Tofu Co.

Directed by Sean AU

After seven decades and three generations, Chester and Amy Nozaki discuss the decision to close the much hailed San Jose Tofu Company.


3. “Queen of Earth

Directed by Chelbert Dai

After the collapse of civilization and forgoing the natural world, a 10-year-old girl finds herself alone in an ethereal existence as she waits for her parents’ return.


4. “Call Taxi

Directed by Julian Kim

Jason calls a Korean Call Taxi service to give him a lift to JFK for an early morning flight, and as fate would have it, the driver is none other than his father. Unfortunately, after a quick trip to a 24-hour Korean mart, they experience car problems and rising tensions.


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