Exclusive Clip: Tyler Ritter Guests on ‘Young & Hungry’

Tyler Ritter guests in 'Young and Hungry' with Emily Osment. (Freeform)
Tyler Ritter guests in ‘Young and Hungry’ with Emily Osment. (Freeform)

When you play gay, as actor Tyler Ritter did in the short-lived CBS sitcom, “The McCarthys,” you’re suddenly in a club of actors who may be straight but will always be remembered for playing that role.

And although the CBS sitcom did not live beyond that first season, Ritter told me earlier this year (when he was guesting on “NCIS and “NCIS: New Orleans“) that he is very happy with something he took from the show. “That can be the hardest part when you lose a gig, when a show goes under,” he said. “All the relationships you’ve made [and] all the friendships you have, just in a blink of an eye are gone. We really had something special [with “The McCarthys”] and we still believe that…I think we’re all happy that we were able to make it and grateful for it. Obviously we wished it went on longer, but what are you going to do?”

And now Ritter is back in a sitcom on Wednesday  night guesting on the first two episodes of the returning Freeform hit, “Young and Hungry.”  We’ve got an exclusive clip from the episode where we find a heart broken Gabi (Emily Osment) in Hawaii, where she meets a man (Ritter) also with a broken heart. Will they help each other or will they join forces and get a little revenge? Check it out.


“Young & Hungry” airs Wednesdays at 8pm on Freeform. 

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