Fall TV 2016 – Introducing Nicole Byer

Nicole Beyer brings her real life funny to MTV’s ‘Loosely Exactly Nicole.’

It’s hard to know whether a new show will succeed. But some of the success is simply getting on the air. This is underscored in comedian Nicole Byer’s new MTV series Loosely Exactly Nicole, a very funny slice of life comedy that showcases her bawdy sense of humor and unique take on trying to make it in Hollywood. Byer, 31 and from New Jersey, is a talent worth knowing – and watching with Xfinity On Demand – and so we caught up with her for a brief chat in our continuing series of introductions to fall’s new stars.

Describe your new MTV series, Loosely Exactly Nicole. It’s loosely, exactly based on my life. Jacob [Wysocki] plays my gay roommate, who’s based on the actual gay roommate I used to have. Jen [D’Angelo] is based on a hybrid of my female friends-slash-my sister. Give us some insight into your real life. My life is a series of unfortunate events. I make poor choices and truly double down and live them out. At 20, I married a man for money so he could get a green card, and that’s in one of our episodes. I got my hair braided instead of paying rent, and that’s in one of our episodes. It’s like that. This show is very dirty, don’t you think? It’s filthy. I wanted it filthier. Is that appropriate? Probably not. But I think dirtier things are funnier. I’m a very blue comedian. What’s your favorite TV show right now? RuPaul’s Drag Race. And the last show you binged? Stranger Things on Netflix.  Two days. It was so good.  The character development – oh my God. That kid with the curly hair and no teeth? You better give him to me all day. As a kid, what was the show you never missed? I grew up in the heyday of black-centric shows. So my shows were Family Matters and Sister-Sister.  I also liked Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. I loved TV as a kid. Who’s your comedy inspiration? I love Whoopi Goldberg. I love her more than life itself. I think she is so funny.