Fall TV 2016 – A Real Life Crossover Episode for Gehlfuss and Soffer

The Chicago franchise is famous for its crossover episodes. Lesser known is a recent real life crossover Chicago Med’s Nick Gehlfuss revealed:

My brother from Chicago P.D., Jesse Soffer, were going to get dinner one night in the West Loop. We started walking towards the restaurant and “suddenly heard that universal screech of tires. We both look and we witness a fairly serious car collision. One of the cars hit the other car and it pushed the car into this deep 12-foot trench. The car went in and we saw a car go down below ground on its side and I looked to Jesse and I go “Oh my God what do we do?” Jesse goes “Run.”

We started running towards the accident. It was that human instinct to go help somebody. I ran as fast as I could and I had this thought, this realization, “Oh my God, this is what it feels like what I’m portraying on TV.” It was a crossover – a real life crossover.  jumped down into this pit without even thinking about it. Jesse jumped on the phone. He was above ground calling 911. I scaled up the side. Another dude jumped in, too. We climbed to the side of the car; the car was wedged in this weird angle. We opened the door and a girl scurried out.

I looked her over to make sure she wasn’t bleeding.”Are you okay?” I asked. She said, “Yeah yeah I’m okay.” I asked if anyone else was in the car and she said no. Then, this is the moment that makes me laugh. I said, ”Okay come on. We’ll get you down.” She stopped and did a double-take. “Are you that guy from the show?” Then she saw Jesse on the phone, helping people out of the trench. “You guys are from that show, aren’t you?” Not only was she in shock, she was confused. It must have been pretty weird.

It’s one thing to earn about all of this and another thing to do it. Maybe in another lifetime I’ll be a doctor.