Fall TV 2016 – Talking With: Wyatt Cenac and Anna Gasteyer

We caught up with Wyatt Cenac and Anna Gasteyer, whose new TBS comedy People of the Earth premieres October 30, though the quirky and funny premiere will be available early with XFINITY On Demand starting October 17. Let’s pretend I haven’t seen this show and loved it. What’s it about? Wyatt: Julie, you’re a liar. You know what this show is about. Seriously. Anna: It’s the story of an investigative journalist (Wyatt) who looks into a support group for the survivors of alien abductions. What did you like best about this show when first brought to your attention? Anna: The script. It was quiet, real, honest and idiosyncratic. It felt human – and funny. Not the usual comedy bullshit. And Wyatt was in it. Wyatt: I also liked that Wyatt was in it. That was a big draw to me. Do aliens exist? Anna: Definitely. Not even a question. Wyatt: I think it’s an arrogant position to say we’re the only things in the universe. What are you watching on TV now? Wyatt: I just finished the second season of Fargo. It was amazing.  Anna: I’m halfway through Stranger Things. I can’t watch it alone. And your favorite shows as kids? Anna: Well, I’m old enough that the Saturday night bloc of Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Flip Wilson was a coveted night. Wyatt: Summertime was just sit in front of the TV – cartoons in the morning; midday was The Price Is Right, I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island, Beverly Hillbillies; in the evening it was Nick at Night – old SNL, Laugh In, Lancelot Link-Secret Chip…Who should watch your show? Anna: Human beings. Not Donald Trump. Wyatt: If you’re someone into non-traditional network fare, I think People of the Earth might be the show for you. This is one of those new cable comedies that push things in a different way.