Fall TV 2016: What Do You Watch – ‘Home Cooking’ Star Valerie Bertinelli

“Host Valerie Bertinelli in the kitchen as seen on Food Network’s Valerie’s California Kitchen, Season 1”

What is your current TV addiction? It’s a sign of the times, but Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Real Time with Bill Maher. If not them, I’m watching Giada and Ina on The Food Network.

What’s the first show you remember loving? Probably The Brady Bunch and
The Partridge Family.

What’s the last show you and your husband Tom binged? Mr. Robot and before that Breaking Bad.

Do you have any idea what’s on TV tonight? Ask me if I have any idea what day of the week it is. No, it’s Tuesday, and aside from the RNC, I don’t know what’s on. I watch whatever’s on my DVR.

Do you watch shows On Demand? Mr. Robot was On Demand – we were late to the party.

What’s your all-time favorite show? Impossible.

How about the best show ever? Anything from Norman Lear. You couldn’t get All in the Family on the air today, which boggles the mind. He was before his time.