Has Fall TV Has Taken Over Your Life? Here are 15 Warning Signs

Have you been watching a lot of TV? Maybe too much? We put together a few signs that you may need to hit the pause button. (Remember, you have a big holiday catch-up ahead of you.)

  1. You think saying “Hi Mom” into your X1 Voice Remote is the same as calling home.
  2. When your cable goes out, you call 911.
  3. You refer to your boss as “Axe.”
  4. When hitting send after writing an email, you exclaim,” Bazinga!”
  5. You are concerned about Chuck Todd’s hair.
  6. You watch The Voice with your back to the TV.
  7. You list your primary care giver as Dr. Oz.
  8. When asked if you network at the office, you say, “No, I mostly leave my TV on CNN.”
  9. When stopped by a stranger for directions, you routinely add, “You may also like …”
  10. You’ve suggested meeting friends for a drink at Molly’s.
  11. Your Christmas card list includes Kimmy Schmidt, Liz Lemon, Mindy Lahiri, and Jess Day.
  12. Matt and Savannah are your “control couple.”
  13. You describe Wawa as “The Good Place.”
  14. Before going to sleep, you actually say, “Goodnight, Jimmy.”
  15. You know how many calories you burn while watching an hour of TV and refer to binge-watching “cardio,” and boast, “I just did two and a half hours,” as if it is an accomplishment.