‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Has Big Gay Reveal

Spoiler alert: Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched Sunday’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Anyone else surprised by what we found out about Strand (Colman Domingo)? (AMC)
Anyone else surprised by what we found out about Strand (Colman Domingo)? (AMC)

Shocked at who we found out falls into the LGBT category on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead?”

In last night’s episode, “Blood in the Streets,” we find out exactly why Strand’s boat (the Abigail) means so much to him, as well as much more about the mysterious man. And it definitely wasn’t something I saw coming.

First up, we see Nick (Frank Dillane) swim to shore, take out a walker and smear himself with blood. WTF, Nick?? We’re not sure what it is, but at this point anything involving Nick is oddly compelling because we are still trying to figure him out.

More on Nick later, because we’ve got some serious action happening on the boat, which is taken over by a group of young people who know Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and are working for a man named Connor. Strand overhears the drama starting and jumps in a raft. The group shoots at him, but we’re not sure if he’s been hit or not.

We flashback to 2005 (evident from the TV reports on Hurricane Katrina), where Strand (Colman Domingo) is having a drink in a bar with a man, Thomas Abigail, played by Dougray Scott. After throwing back more than a few drinks, Strand, however, reveals to Abigail that’s he’s bankrupt due to the hurricane and he takes his new friend (by now pretty drunk) back to his hotel room, where Strand proceeds to rob him (only credit cards, interestingly enough). Abigail is not so drunk he isn’t aware what happens, but he’s in no condition to stop Strand. An interesting beginning, to say the least.

Back to Nick, covered in blood so the walkers don’t detect him, who shows up in an affluent neighborhood, though we’re still unsure what he’s up to and what Strand has asked him to do, but he does a pretty good walker imitation and is not detected at all.

Speaking of Strand, we return to the past where Abigail (with a thug) shows up at Strand’s hotel and confronts him about having taken cash advances on his credit cards. Strand insists he was just trying to get back to a good place in his life and that he was going to pay Abigail back. We see there may be something more between the men when Abigail doesn’t have the thug rough him up. There’s definitely something forming here, though we’re still not exactly sure if it’s physical or not.

Don't forget that Strand still has an agenda...will he be able to stay on course? (AMC)
Don’t forget that Strand still has an agenda…will he be able to stay on course? (AMC)

In the present day, Strand is holding on for dear life as the raft has deflated and he has nothing else to keep him afloat. It’s probably the most desperate we’ve seen the self-assured man thus far in the series. Our group is also desperate as they try to hold off those posing a threat. Travis (Cliff Curtis) tries to buy them some time by saying he knows how to start the boat without the keys that Strand has on his person. Alicia tries to do the same while, back on land, we see Nick come face-to-face with an associate of Strand’s named Louis.

Flash-backing, Strand and Abigail are now lounging by a pool where Abigail’s mother (Marlene Forte) is tending to the men. Strand tells Abigail that his mother doesn’t like him very much, and we get the idea that the men have now forged a stronger partnership and some time has passed. When Abigail offers his hand and the men hold hands (in a way straight guys don’t), we know there’s an intimacy here.

In the present, boss man Connor (who doesn’t seem as scary as you might have imagined) turns up, and all we know is that he is the leader of these hooligans. He says they’re going to take Travis and Alicia only and they will be taken to shore. What about the rest of the group? It’s not looking good for them, but, until Madison (Kim Dickens) and Salazar (Ruben Blades) can get free, there’s nothing they can do.

As Nick and Louis head back to the boat, they see through binoculars that the group is in trouble and Louis masterfully shoots the members of the group posing the threat. In the chaos, Madison is able to take out the last guy and the gang is reunited. However, Travis and Alicia are in the hands of Connor.

Back to flashback, we’re at the point where Strand is leaving Abigail and heading to Los Angeles (presumably at the time that the virus has erupted and the point where the series began). He promises Abigail that he’ll be back in two days and the men kiss. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Thomas Abigail, but I’m loving this backstory.

Back to the present, we see Strand is losing hope in the water as hypothermia is setting in…just as Madison shows up to save him. End of episode.

While there were barely any walkers in this episode, this is clearly a set-up episode for what’s to come, and getting Strand’s history makes him even more compelling. Also in this episode, we have new threats, which again proves that other humans can be worse at this point than the walkers.

This is not to say there aren’t gay people and we’ve seen them many times on the mother ship, “The Walking Dead,” but is there a point to it? We’ll have to keep watching this second season to find out.

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.

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