Frameline Distribution Adds 15 Titles to the LGBTQ Collection

Over 35 Years of Frameline Distribution Films

When it comes to pioneering queer cinema, one name comes to mind for having changed the landscape of what LGBTQ faces look like on screen. Frameline Distribution has been distributing LGBTQ films for over 35 years, focusing primarily on those most underserved by mainstream media—youth, elders, people of color and transgender and gender-expansive people. In the Bay Area, the buzz is mounting for Frameline Distribution’s upcoming 11-day festival, featuring over 100 programs exhibited across San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

We know you’re as thirsty as we are for diverse and inclusive content. And let’s face it, we can’t all make it to the West Coast for the Frameline Film Festival. But don’t worry! We’ve decided to bring a slice of the festival home to our subscribers by partnering with Frameline Distribution to bring 15 new titles to the XFINITY LGBTQ Film & TV Collection. The new content, which includes two feature-length films and 13 short films, is available free to all of our subscribers until the end of the year. Check out some of the titles we’re most excited about below and be sure to view the full collection within XFINITY LGBTQ Film & TV in-home on your X1.

El Canto del Colibrí” : Available On Demand

In Marco Castro-Bojorquez’s award-winning, feature-length documentary “El Canto del Colibrí,” (made in participation with Somos Familia and BAYCAT), Latino immigrant fathers explain their acceptance of their LGBTQ children, delving into issues of prejudice, isolation, and religious and cultural beliefs.

Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice, A Detroit Story“: Available On Demand

In “Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice, A Detroit Story,” director Dream Hampton examines racism, transphobia, the exploitation of sex workers, classism and the continued criminalization of black bodies while painting a portrait of one trans woman of color who died violently in 2011.

The 13 shorts films joining the collection primarily feature youth exploring intersectional identities between race, culture and gender identity/sexual orientation. Several titles also take to task addressing bullying, ableism, family acceptance and other issues.

Short Films Available:

Alaska is a Drag,” directed by Shaz Bennett
Alzheimer’s: A Love Story,” directed by Gabe Schimmel, Monica Petruzzelli
Gaysians,” directed by Vicky Du
Genderfreak,” directed by Rebecca Louisell
Monica’s Story,” directed by Glenn Holsten
Passing,” directed by J. Mitchel Reed, Lucah Rosenberg-Lee
A Place in the Middle,” directed by Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson
Teens Like Phil,” directed by Dominic Haxton, David Rosler
The Infamous T,” directed by Melissa Koch
The Paper Mirror,” directed by Charissa King-O’Brien
Tomgirl,” directed by Jeremy Asher Lynch
Unanimated (Desanimado),” directed by Emilio Marti Lopez
Yeah Kowalski!,” directed by Evan Roberts.


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Scott Conant is the LGBTQ Editor for Comcast XFINITY. You can watch his top picks and more LGBTQ-related titles in the XFINITY LGBTQ Film & TV Collection

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