FreePass Latino 2019


It is the biggest On Demand Latin event of the year!

This year, FreePass Latino brings you such a variety of movies, series and novelas that you won’t need to move away from your TV, tablet or smartphone for 7 days. From September 30th to October 6th, you will have free access to more than 600 blockbuster movies, in Spanish. Your binge-watching will be simple, easy and awesome, because FreePass Latino is available from anywhere with the Xfinity Stream app, through the website or the mobile app. And if you are home, just say “FreePass Latino” to your Bilingual X1 Voice Remote.

For starters, Sony Cinema brings you a must-see collection of films.  Dwayne Johnson, the most popular hero in action films at the time, leads an impossible robbery in Empire State.  The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger defends his family against a mortal epidemic in Maggie, and Jackie Chan fights to death for Hong Kong’s honor in Shinjuku Incident.  If this is not enough to keep you in front of your favorite screen, FreePass Latino also brings you suspense and horror movies, like Don’ t Breathe, a movie so intense where one only has to breath to die.

Pantaya offers us a cast full of Latin American superstars like Eugenio Derbez, Damián Alcázar and Bárbara Mori, starring in El complot mongol, a thriller with suspense, crime and a lot of Mexican humor. In addition, you cannot miss the acting debut of the eleven-time Billboard awards winner, Ozuna, in Qué león. This amusing Dominican romantic comedy was a blockbuster throughout the Caribbean.

Viendomovies invites you to free your imagination with Mexican film stars like Gael García y Diego Luna, who appear in the classic alternative movie Y tu mamá también. Also, the Venezuelan diva Maria Conchita Alonso will make you laugh, cry and laugh again with I have killed my husband.

To end on a high note, Cine Latino brings comedy to FreePass Latino with Los Domirriqueños, the highest grossing Puerto Rican film to date, with the three more popular Caribbean comedians, Fausto Mata, Aquiles Correa, and Jorge Pabón. As well as No manches Frida, where the spicy Mexican comedian Omar Chaparro shows us the other face of a lucky thief, accompanied by the sweet Martha Higareda.

Simple, easy and awesome binge-watching

FreePass Latino challenges your curiosity and invites you to watch the best TV series in Spanish for 7 days. You will have free access to shows that are super successful with audiences like Larrymania from Universo and the 5 seasons of 40-20 from Unimás.

But the best thing about this binge is that you will have access to the first series produced by Pantaya, El juego de llaves, where 8 friends decide to explore their sexuality by changing partners. It has 10 episodes and I cannot tell you more about it. You just need to watch it with your own eyes. In addition, you can see the most popular series of Discovery en español: Mexicánicos, Vecino infernal and Crimen casi perfecto.

We, of course, cannot miss the binge-watching of novelas. Nuestra Tele and RCN give you access to all the episodes of Café and Azúcar, two of Colombia’s most famous novelas of all time, with actors of the stature of Guy Ecker and Margarita Rosa de Francisco.

FreePass Latino, the biggest On Demand Latin event of the year, is here. To watch it just say, “FreePass Latino into your Bilingual X1 Voice Remote or watch it from the Xfinity Stream app, using the website or the mobile app. From September 30th to October 6th, enjoy free access to pure entertainment for 7 days.

You can also post and target and using the hashtag  #FreePassLatino.