GMA Pinoy TV Free Preview March 7-13

By Liza Solberg

GMA Pinoy TV offers your favorite top-rated Filipino shows! Use the X1 Voice Remote to easily browse Filipino content on XFINITY.

GMA Pinoy TV offers Tagalog 85% and English 15% content. Catch classics like “Encantadia,” as well as new drama from “Destined to Be Yours” that you won’t want to miss.

Highly Anticipated Premiere: “Destined to Be Yours” on GMA

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are the ultimate love team in “Destined to Be Yours.” A happy-go-lucky architecture graduate meets the deeply caring and beautiful woman of his dreams. They are faced with a challenge when their conflicting values come to light. You’ll have to watch and see if love can prevail!

Image Credit: GMA

You won’t want to miss “Encantadia” on GMA!

The show will transport you to a fantasy world, an enchanted realm with sorcerers and magic. “The Current Book” is a “requel” (retelling-sequel) of the story from “Encantadia: Past Book” that aired in 2005. The show features four sang’gres, keepers of the gems that keep the continent in balance. Full of drama, excitement and powerful characters, it will surely enchant you and keep you watching one episode after another!

The week of March 7-13, 2017, XFINITY is offering a special free preview of GMA Pinoy TV! Catch “Destined to Be Yours” and more of your favorites, free for one week!

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