Gordon Holmes Presents His Patented Horrible “Survivor: Winners at War” Pre-Season Picks

“Survivor: Winners at War” (Gordon Holmes)

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The Rules: Each week Malcolm Freberg and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: Winners at War” champion.

Quick Note: Usually the Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode. For pre-season rankings, the players are placed in order of their likelihood to win the entire season.

Yet Another Quick Note: No points will be awarded during the pre-season ranking portion. Scoring will begin next week.

Gordon Holmes’s Pre-Season Rankings

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1. Wendell: Let’s face facts; the Edge of Extinction gives people who are good at challenges a second (and possibly third!) chance. Add to that the fact that Wendell has proven that he can win a fire-making challenge, he’s genuinely likable, and he’s capable of aligning with a wide variety of players and you have a solid contender. 2. Sophie: Why Sophie? Why not Sophie? This whole season is such a messed-up bulletin board of pictures, conspiracies, and quotes all linked together with pushpins and yarn. Charity events! Poker alliances! They used to date! And then there’s Sophie. Smart and strong enough to close the deal. And not bogged down by all of the pre-game distractions.
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3. Denise: Malcolm did a wonderful job listing the reasons why Denise is a force to be reckoned with. But here’s one more; she not afraid to be an (expletive deleted). Nobody wants to go to the end with someone who’s every juror’s buddy. But, Denise never felt the need to suck up to Abi-Maria (Gomes) during “Philippines.” She appreciated that you just need most of the votes, not all of them. 4. Parvati: Call me crazy, but of the three mega stars on this season (the other two being “Boston” Rob and Sandra), I could see Parvati pulling this off. There’s got to be a point where people realize that these top tier players aren’t necessarily better, they’re just better publicized. The more Parvati seems like a regular person, the further she can go.
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5. Tyson: Don’t let the wacky interviews fool you.  Tyson is the real deal. He makes genuine connections with people and they want him to succeed. And, he’s a blast. Absolutely someone I’d want to hang out with around camp. If the poker alliance happens, or if it fails and he manages to avoid the fallout, he’s going to go far. 6. Michele: I think there’s something to be said for being the odd person out in a season. And by that I mean; the level headed person in a season of crazies. Or the athletic person in a season of strategists. It kind of feels like Michele doesn’t belong with all of these killers. But deep down, she made the right relationships, won challenges, and was the right person for her jury. She could do it again.
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7. Danni: Who are you, Danni Boatwright? A simple old-school player who’s hoping to keep up with these young-ins? Or, the savvy sneak who was reaching out and doing a quite a bit of pre-gaming. Either way, color me intrigued. Maybe the Chiefs won’t be responsible for Kansas City’s only big win this year. 8. Natalie: OK, maybe Natalie isn’t the sharpest strategic player in the pencil box. (Whoa, what happened to that analogy?) But, she’s a challenge force who is totally capable of going on an individual immunity run or winning her way back from the Edge of Extinction.
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9. Jeremy: Is it possible to have too many connections? He’s part of the poker crew with Rob, Tyson, and Kim. He played with Natalie. He’s having tickle fights with Wendell at Ponderosa. Could his buddies pick each other off in an effort to be his sole ally? Or, could all of this just put too big of a target on his back? 10. Yul: Complain all you want about the Edges of Extinction, Fire Tokens, and Wild Card Playoff Games. I’m just happy that we’re getting Danni and Yul back on our televisions. And, if he can survive the early part of the game where pre-game connections might come into play, Yul could really make them regret not bringing him back sooner.
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11. Beni: I love me some Ben. He has more necklaces than your local mall’s Claire’s. Buuut…that idol hunting won’t do him much good in the game if all of the advantages are squirreled away at the Edge of Extinction. I’m not counting him out by any means, but he’s playing without that safety net. 12. Kim: Like I said with Probst; Kim and Parvati are five-tool players. But, unlike Parvati, Kim’s yet to get a scuff in her reputation. Parvati has been voted out and humbled by a jury. The only knock on Kim is that she was playing with a less-than-stellar cast. Welp…here’s a stellar cast.
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13. Nick: Wow…Nick is such a mystery. If the old-schoolers band together, is he the first target? Same with the poker alliance? If the big names blow up, can he just coast to the end? I didn’t sense a lot of respect for him in the pre-game interviews. But, as a David, he’s used to be underestimated. Am I doing it too? 14. Adam: I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting a real “Boston” Rob vs. Rob Cesternino in “All-Stars” vibe from Adam. If Rob is running the show early on, he doesn’t seem like the type that’s going to have a lot of time for Adam’s superfan persona. However, if Adam can get to a swap, he could cause some damage.
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15. Tony: The funny thing about having Tony and Sarah right next to each other in this ranking is that “Game Changers” was the best thing to happen to Tony and the worst thing to happen to Sarah (aside from her winning the million, of course). The heat is off Tony a bit, but one false move will turn it right back up. He’s got some leeway, but he’ll be walking a tight rope. 16. Sarah: Remember when Daffy Duck dressed like a devil, drank all of those explosives, and then blew himself up? It was amazing, but like he said “I can only do it once.”
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17. Ethan: If Probst plopped me in front of a computer and asked me to write the script for “Survivor: Winners at War,” it’d end with a victorious Ethan using the two million dollars to end world hunger. But, this isn’t a fairy tale and nobody is going to want to sit at the end with this lovable prince. 18. “Boston” Rob: The difference between Rob and Sandra is; after the first tribe swap (and you know there will be forty), it’ll always be a good time to get rid of Rob. He’s as smart and cunning as Sandra, and his challenge (especially puzzle) prowess just makes him too dangerous. That, and the air of unfairness around Amber being there voting by his side or possibly feeding him advantages from the Edge of Extinction will make it tough for the final jury to reward him.
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19. Amber: In a regular season of “Survivor,” the key to not being voted out first is to not be the weirdo. Every tribe has that one person that doesn’t fit in, doesn’t help out, is too bossy, plays too hard too fast. This cast is too smart for that. So, what’s next? Go for the threats. Sandra and Amber are the Dakal members who are the biggest threats that can be let go without costing too much challenge strength. But, only one of them is married to a person on the other tribe. 20. Sandra: C’mon…you know I want to see my Queen roll in there, form a new Queen’s Army, and reclaim her throne. But the margin for error is so slim compared to everyone else. There’s never a bad time to target Sandra. And, if she goes to the Edge of Extinction, she isn’t coming back.

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