Star Watching: ‘Jason Bourne’ and ‘Bad Moms’ Stars Reveal Their Can’t-Miss TV Shows

Julia Stiles and Julia Louis Dreyfus in "Veep"
“Jason Bourne” star Julia Stiles and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep” (Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty, HBO)

This weekend in theaters, Hollywood is offering a little bit of something for everyone, including the return of everyone’s favorite amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne in the aptly titled “Jason Bourne” and the antics of three rebellious mothers in the cathartic comedy “Bad Moms.”

I recently caught up with “Bourne” star Julia Stiles and “Moms” stars Kathryn Hahn and Annie Mumolo to find out what they’re watching on the small screen:

“I’m obsessed with ‘Veep,’” Stiles told me. “Sundays can’t come quickly enough. I get sort of sad when I’m nearing the end of a season. I think I saved the most recent two episodes just so I would have something to watch. It’s just wonderful, intelligent, funny, timely. And then, honestly, the dangerous thing for me is I go down YouTube music video spirals, because there’s no music videos on TV anymore. So, yeah, that happens—concert videos, that kind of thing.”

Kathryn also turns to HBO for her favorite series, while Annie is still searching for her next obsession.

"Bad Moms" stars Annie Mumolo and Kathryn Hahn
“Bad Moms” stars Annie Mumolo and Kathryn Hahn (Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty)

“[I watch] ‘Getting On,’” Hahn gushed. “I just had to say that. I’m obsessed with every woman in that show. And man. And ‘The Night Of,’ I really wanna see. That’s supposed to be awesome.”

“I haven’t been able to look at the television in so long, but I’m interested in seeing ‘Dating Naked,’ which my friend told me about,” Mumolo revealed. “They’re fully naked and they meet that way, so it’s like, look, you’re seeing what you’re getting.”

“I kinda wanna vomit!” Hahn exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s disgusting,” Mumolo replied. “I binge-watched ‘Friday Night Lights,’ although that was when I was pregnant. That was a long time ago. That’s the last I watched television. Six years ago.”

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