Let the Games Begin: IPL on XFINITY

By Rahat Khanna

Image Creidt: tvnews4u


Cricket captivates audiences from all around the world. The advent of its shortest format, T20, has gone a long way in expanding its global footprint. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been undisputed as the preeminent T20 cricket league since its inception, and its popularity continues to surge.

The 10th edition of the league will witness top cricketing talent from across the globe converging in India to produce a unique blend of top quality sport and entertainment. Cricket enthusiasts await in anticipation for the event that will have eight franchises compete in a double round-robin format, followed by qualifiers and the final. Sixty electrifying matches, each lasting three hours—the duration of a typical Indian movie—will be played over 47 eventful days.



Viewers can also look forward to watching Bollywood superstars such as Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta, joining a bevy of others in the stands to passionately cheer on their favorite teams. The IPL thus appeals immensely to viewers beyond the traditional cricket fans and promises to pull many more onto the bandwagon!


Image Credit: india.com


This cricketing extravaganza will be telecast in the U.S. exclusively on Willow TV, the sole channel dedicated to the sport. The palpable enthusiasm among fans indicates that viewership records on Willow TV are all set to be shattered yet again!

Come April 5, modern-day cricketing gladiators will bring their top skills to the pitch against the backdrop of songs, dance and the deafening roar of stadiums packed to the rafters! There will be the pyrotechnics of T20 cricket, matches will go down to the wire, emotions will come to the fore and unprecedented sporting feats will be achieved. You will surely be entertained!



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