Quiz: Which LGBT Cult Classic Character Are You?

#BackToWorkBlues? Mama, the struggle is all too real.

The struggle is real
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The first week back to work after the holidays can be brutal. In the words of the incomparable Chaka Khan, “I feel for you.” Whether you’re battling it out with Stacey in accounting who refuses to return any of your calls…

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Trawling through the never-ending backlog of emails in your inbox…

Somethings Gotta Give
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Or just struggling to maintain focus (Gurl, get some Gingko Biloba in your life)…

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There’s no denying that coming off that post-holiday high is an uphill battle. Sadly, I don’t know how to solve that problem for you – there are self-help blogs for that nonsense.

What I do know is – if you’re here reading this – you’re probably looking for any and every distraction from that proliferating mountain of work in front of you (#ProcrastinatorLyfe). Lucky you! I’ve got just the thing.

What better way to waste five minutes than take a silly personality quiz about gay icons? The best part is afterwards you can share it to your Facebook with a witty caption about “wire hangers” and distract all your friends too! Think of it like your first official good deed of 2017!

Pretty accurate or way off the mark? Comment below or take to social media with #XfinityLGBT to let us know your result.

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