Miki Howard: My Life in the Music Biz Was Very ‘Love & Hip Hop’


R&B legends Mary Wilson and Miki Howard backstage at Mary Wilson Original Supreme Children Uniting Nations Benefit Concert on Dec. 16, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo: Arnold Turner/Invision/AP)

One of the things that I absolutely appreciate about Miki Howard is her honesty.

People always talk about “keeping it real” but this siren delivers it straight up, no chaser. And I love it!

As a Gen Yer (if that’s where I’m categorized today), I grew up listening to Howard’s music, which was a constant on urban adult contemporary radio stations in the ’80s and ’90s. And like her contemporaries of that time, she could sing, I mean really sing. Her rendition of Billie Holiday’s classic “I Cover the Waterfront” is my absolute fave (she performed the song when she played Holiday in Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” film) and her own hits like “Love Under New Management” and “Come Share My Love” are among the reasons why she’s beloved and respected decades later.

Sadly, like her music idol Holiday, Howard struggled with life drama and drug addiction that affected her career.


“My life in the music business at first was very ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ very ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ I had a Peter Gunz, you know, and all of that,” Howard told me during my recent interview with her.

We get to see exactly how much Howard’s life was like the popular VH1 reality show in TV One’s biopic “Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story.” Teyonah Parris stars as Howard in this film that chronicles Howard’s journey from a homeless teenager who was forced to fend for herself to her rise to become an award-winning R&B princess. “Love Under New Management” debuted Sunday and is available to watch with XFINITY On Demand.

“So many of us need to know that this is not something that happened to me, this a pattern, and when you fall into it you at least know what to do or you won’t think it’s just you,” Howard said about why it was important to share her story.

Watch my interview with Howard below and also check out “Love Under New Management,” both film and Howard’s ’90s chart-topper, as well as her singing “I Cover the Waterfront.”

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WATCH: Miki Howard as Billie Holiday in “Malcolm X”



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