More John Cho if ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Isn’t Enough John Cho For You

John Cho as Sulu in 'Star Trek Beyond.' (Photo credit: Paramount.
John Cho as Sulu in ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ (Photo credit: Paramount.

John Cho found himself in the middle of a “Star Wars” controversy earlier this month when it was revealed that writers Simon Pegg and Justin Lin had decided to make Cho’s version of Sulu gay, as a tribute to the original Sulu actor George Takei — and it was later revealed that Takei was against the decision because he felt it was different than the character Gene Roddenberry had created. There has been both enthusiasm and skepticism about the decision, but this weekend, as the film enters theaters, fans will be able to judge for themselves.

Earlier this year, a popular hashtag #StarringJohnCho started trending, alongside recognizable Hollywood movie posters with John Cho Photoshopped into the leading male roles. The enthusiastic reaction was clear: audiences were not only excited about Cho in more leading roles, but also the overarching idea of giving a more diverse range of actors opportunities that can showcase their talents.

Cho has been acting in Hollywood for almost two decades and has become one of a handful of universally-recognizable Asian American faces, in large part because of his roles on “Star Trek” and the popular “Harold and Kumar” trilogy.

Check out a selection of John Cho films that are available to watch on XFINITY. Though not all of them have technically been #StarringJohnCho, they have been made better for his involvement.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” — This unassuming stoner comedy has taken on a life of its won, in large part because of the performances of John Cho and Kal Penn in the leading roles. It even had a role in re-launching the career of Neil Patrick Harris, who cameos as a fictional drugged-out, sexed-out version of himself. Since the first, Cho and Penn have collaborated in “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” and “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.”

American Pie” — Cho’s character in the first film is credited for explaining what a MILF is, and since then, he’s made appearances on the sequels “American Pie 2” and “American Wedding.”

FlashForward” — In this ABC sci-fi series, the characters experience a worldwide blackout where, for two minutes, they are given a glimpse into their future. Cho plays Demetri Noh, an FBI agent who learns about his own future murder and must try to stop it.

Better Luck Tomorrow” – In Justin Lin‘s first feature, Cho plays an arrogant rich kid who gets entangled in a dangerous situation. A monumental film for Asian Americans, “Better Luck Tomorrow” was also the beginning of a lucrative career for Hollywood director Lin, who not only helmed many successful “Fast and the Furious” films but is now re-united with Cho as the director of “Star Trek Beyond.”

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