‘Outlander’s’ Jamie & Randall: What’s Next?

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Sam Heughan (l) and Tobias Menzies in last week's 'Outlander.' (Starz)
Sam Heughan (l) and Tobias Menzies in last week’s ‘Outlander.’ (Starz)

It finally happened.

In last week’s episode of the Starz drama, “Outlander,” Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Capt. Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) finally came face to face since Randall brutally assaulted Jamie during the first season.

As you may know, in the previous episode Claire (Caitriona Balfe) finally told Jamie that she found out that Randall did not die after getting caught under a stampede during Jamie’s escape but was, instead, very much alive. So how was it when the two men came face to face in Versailles in the presence of the King Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser)?

Heughan told me recently about what Jamie is feeling when he finds out Randall, the man who maimed his hand and raped him, is alive. “It’s elation. It’s joy, and I think it’s the fact that he actually is suddenly in control of his destiny again. The fact that Randall’s alive means that he is now able to take control and to fulfill his destiny too, and it cures him, it makes him whole again, it makes him a man again, it makes him be able to have control.”

Randall (Menzies) is thrilled to see Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie. (Starz)
Randall (Menzies) is thrilled to see Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie. (Starz)

If audiences were surprised at Jamie’s reaction (and how it helped Jamie finally reconnect with Claire), so was the Scottish actor. “It was so strange when I first read that episode. I said, ‘how can he be so the opposite of what we’re experiencing?’ But I think it’s fascinating to me.”

In fact, having Randall back in the picture not only gets him in sync with his wife but also their mission to change history. “We see Jamie really take a grip of the bigger picture and really understand and make a lot of choices actually for himself and also for Claire about their future and yeah, the world that they’re living.”

It’s clear that Jamie was suffering from PTSD from what Randall did to him, as evident earlier this season when Jamie tries to make love to Claire but sees Randall’s face. “[Jamie is] not one to dwell on things. He pushes it under the carpet, but ultimately it festers and it grows and it becomes poisonous to that relationship and puts everything in jeopardy,” Heughan explained. “When they do deal with it, it becomes quite a major factor but yeah, it’s a very strong season.”

For Balfe, shooting the second season, which has taken Claire and Jamie to Paris, was a very different experience from the first. “[Season one] was a tough long shoot but really fun…just having that wealth of information going into season two was great because you know what to expect and last year I had no clue what to expect.”

The actress, about to be seen in the new George Clooney/Julia Roberts film, “Money Monsters,” said that Claire is also different this season. “As a character I felt last season Claire was very reactionary, it was just very much living moment to moment and surviving, and I feel this year that everything sort of rests a lot more. She’s much more contemplative, and there’s an opportunity to explore the emotions that she’s experiencing, which I really relished, and I hope that people get to see a much deeper portrayal of Claire this season.”

What will happen now that Claire has gotten Jamie to promise to wait a year before killing Randall so Jack (her husband in the future and a descendent of Randall) is allowed to be born? It definitely will be something that will come between the loving couple.

Here’s a preview of Saturday’s episode:

“Outlander” airs Saturdays at 9pm on Starz.

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