Will Shaw & Root Finally Go There on ‘POI?’

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“I just needed a change. Got a new job, fell in love…”

That’s dialogue said by Root (Amy Acker) in the new (and final) season of the CBS drama, Person of Interest.” But who is she talking about? Who did she fall in love with?

It’s okay if you need a second since the acclaimed series has been off the air almost a year but my money is on Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi, who played gay on “The L Word” many years ago), and given the show is now in its last cycle of episodes, maybe it’s time the ladies finally go for it.

Last October, I chatted with Acker and Shahi at New York Comic Con and here’s what they had to say about where things stand between their characters and what fans can expect. (This interview, conducted before anyone knew it would be the show’s final season, originally appeared on AfterEllen.com.)

“Person of Interest” airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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