“Survivor 41” Episode 10 Recap – Captain Ricard

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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Last Week: The tribe was cracked, Naseer left his idol packed, and a strong alliance is what Evvie lacked.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Viakana Tribe (wearing red)

  • Danny, 33 – Former NFL Player
  • Deshawn, 26 – Medical Student
  • Erika, 31 – Communications Manager
  • Heather, 52 – Stay-at-home Mother
  • Liana, 20 – College Student
  • Ricard, 31 – Flight Attendant
  • Shan, 34 – Pastor
  • Xander, 20 – App Developer

Post-Tribal Wrap-Up

Ricard immediately takes credit for the decision to get rid of Naseer, but gives props to Shan for using her extra vote to make it possible. He’d also like to thank the Academy…

Erika is very wary of Shan, calling her a “baby with a machine gun” in that people are afraid of targeting her for fear of getting hit with a stray bullet. That analogy also would have worked if she had said, “Literally any kind of human with a machine gun.”

Also, as someone with a baby, the baby’s more likely to be interested in the box the machine gun came in.

Erika wants to take Shan out before Xander because Xander doesn’t have any allies. She pitches this plan to Deshawn and he seems to be seriously considering it.

As you’d imagine, Shan doesn’t like Deshawn having little chats with Erika. Later on, Deshawn and Shan have a very interesting conversation about how important it is for there to be an African American final four. The big question is; does that trump your own personal win? She seems like she’s ready for each individual to do what they need to do to get the win, but she’s not quite sure.

Reward Challenge Time: The players will race through an obstacle course while tethered to a rope. The first person to complete the star puzzle at the end of the rope will win a trip to the “Survivor” Sanctuary where they’ll eat pizza under the stars. They’ll also get to sleep there overnight with blankets and pillows.

Result: Ricard wins reward. He’s allowed to take two people with him and he chooses Shan and Heather because neither has had a reward. Probst lets him choose a fourth and he goes with Xander.

Wow! You just left a lot of powerful alliance members behind.

Pizza Party

So “Survivor” Sanctuary is the brand name for the cool set where Sydney, Tiffany, and Brad visited earlier in the season.

While they’re there, Shan and Ricard discuss why they haven’t named each other their final two. Ricard thinks Shan is more likable, while Shan thinks men tend to beat women in the end. Both excellent points.

Pizza Paltry

Sure enough, Danny thinks Ricard is trying to curry jury favor with his pizza picks and talks to Deshawn about getting rid of him. Deshawn makes the point that having Ricard around makes Shan very powerful. Umm…you’re gonna leave the person in the game who’s packing an idol?

They approach Liana with this plan, but it makes her nervous because Shan obviously can’t know about it.

When our pizza foursome returns, Liana and Shan have a discussion about their original meet up at the summit and how much it meant to them. This causes Liana to break down and confess Danny and Deshawn’s plan to get rid of Ricard.

Shan takes this information to Ricard and he seems stunned, not just because his number is up, but because Shan has his back.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will stand on a beam while balancing a ball on a disc. As time goes, they’ll move to a more narrow part of the beam and have to raise the pole the disc is on. Last person standing wins immunity.

Result: Ricard wins immunity. Big episode for Ricard!

Pre-Tribal Politicking

The early plan is for Shan, Ricard, Danny, Deshawn, and Liana to vote for Erika, but not to give Xander a name to encourage him to play his idol.

But…Ricard decides that it’s time to make a go for Shan. He tells Xander, Erika, and Heather the current plan and says they can get Shan if they can find a fifth vote. But who?

Deshawn, right? It’s gotta be Deshawn. Deshawn?

CUT TO: Ricard pitching this plan to Deshawn. But, Ricard prefaces all of this by telling Deshawn that he knows that he was a target before he won immunity. Deshawn denies this. C’mon, Deshawn.

Yeah, Ricard doesn’t dig Deshawn lying,  but, he still needs his vote. It seems like Deshawn in on board.

Deshawn then takes this information to Danny…and so much for a simple five-person vote.

Heather and Erika try to make things even more complicated by using Danny to split the vote in case Shan plays her idol.

Aaaaand of course, this makes Danny nervous about Erika.

Tribal Time

It’s all very vague. Like super vague. But, once again Ricard points out that he and Shan never agreed on a final two.

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…nobody does.

OK, we’ve got two votes for Erika, one vote for Shan, one vote for Liana, one vote for Shan, one vote for Liana, one vote for Shan, and the eighth vote is for Liana. A tie between Shan and Liana.

Dun dun dun…

Voting Time Part Deux: Ricard votes for Shan and points out that they’d given each other permission to take each other out. That’s kind of awesome.

JPro tallies and returns again. We’ve got three votes for Shan and the eleventh person voted out of “Survivor 41” and the fourth member of the jury is…Shan.

On the way out, Shan says she’s voting for Ricard and that Deshawn is a snake.

Verdict: Wow, before we get to how I feel about this episode; let me just say that Shan is a star and I really hope we see her again.

That being said, this was a nice little episode of the Ricard Show. His motivation made sense, they showed the execution, and he sent a big-time player home.

Buuut…I’ve kinda lost my enthusiasm for this season and I’m not sure why. What are we missing? Some fun? A true villain?

I dunno.

Power Ranking Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Shan in spot five, while I had her in spot six. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 81, Team Holmes 81.

  • Ricard – Winning both challenges and engineering a split vote that eliminates someone who’s holding an idol? Easiest A+ I’ve ever given out.
  • Danny – Just more and more impressed with Danny. And why isn’t anyone targeting him? Cause he’s that good.
  • Erika – She gets a lot of attention for someone who hasn’t made that many moves. But she might be in the perfect position to take advantage of what’s sure to be a messy camp in the coming days.
  • Liana – Bad episode for you. But, having Shan gone might eventually work in your favor. You were actually talking about sacrificing your game for her.
  • Deshawn – Shan on the jury is very bad news for you.
  • Heather and Xander – I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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