“Survivor 41” Episode 11 Recap – Let’s Make a Deal

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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Last Week: Ricard won both challenges, blindsided an idol-packing rockstar, and earned her jury vote. Heather was there too.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Viakana Tribe (wearing red)

  • Danny, 33 – Former NFL Player
  • Deshawn, 26 – Medical Student
  • Erika, 31 – Communications Manager
  • Heather, 52 – Stay-at-home Mother
  • Liana, 20 – College Student
  • Ricard, 31 – Flight Attendant
  • Xander, 20 – App Developer

Post-Tribal Wrap-Up

Oh baby, things are heated back at camp after Shan’s big blindside. Liana, Danny, and Deshawn  get into it immediately, with Danny and Deshawn promptly throwing Ricard under the bus.

Deshawn is also not thrilled that Ricard gets a jury vote and he gets called a snake. Wellll…according to Shan, Ricard didn’t swear on their alliance…so…

Oof…and Deshawn makes a big deal about Shan’s reaction in front of the whole tribe. Not a great look.

Meanwhile, Xander is weirdly taking credit for the blindside. Did he watch a different episode? Anywho, he’s super psyched and promises to use both of his advantages to further the cause of his new alliance with Ricard, Heather, and Erika.

The next morning, Deshawn regrets calling out Ricard, saying that if he could turn back time he’d just return to camp and be quiet. Someone hand that man a magic hourglass.

He also tries to make amends with Liana, but she assures us that he’s now her top target.

Later on, Danny tells us that today is the 25th anniversary of his father passing away in a car accident. He usually tries to stay busy on this day, but life on “Survivor” features a lot of down time. Danny decides to take this opportunity to teach himself not to be angry at his father for leaving him and appreciate that his father had no say in what happened.

Quick Note: If you’re around Danny right now, give him a jillion hugs from me.

Immunity Challenge Time: Uh oh…before the castaways show up, Probst lets us know that a dangerous twist is coming. The players will use handles to balance a ball on a cylinder. As time goes by, they’ll add more cylinders. The last person standing with their ball in place will win immunity.

This challenge?! Aww…someone hug Malcolm Freberg too.

The Twist: The first person to fall out of the challenge will have to perform a new challenge called, “Do or Die.” At Tribal Council, that person will participate in a game of chance. If they win, they’re through to the final six. If they lose, they’re gone and there’s no vote. So, the players will have to decide if they want to participate in the challenge at all.

Hmm…we don’t know nearly enough about this game of chance. Is it a coin flip? A dice roll? Rock/paper/scissors vs. Probst? All I know is if I’m Xander, there’s no way I participate in the challenge.

Sitting Out: Heather and Liana

The Result: Deshawn is out immediately, so he gets to play “Do or Die.” Danny wins immunity.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Deshawn tries to see the glass as half full by saying that if he goes home, he won’t be voted out. Huh, I’d bet this takes some of the pressure off of him for the afternoon. It’d suck to go leave the game, but it’s out of his hands.

With Deshawn being potentially safe, Ricard has become the popular target. Both Erika and Danny approach Xander with the idea of getting him out before Liana. But, Xander thinks Ricard is a good shield to keep around.

Later on, Xander lets Ricard know that Erika isn’t 100% behind him. Uh oh…

Aaand…as the person in her alliance who doesn’t potentially have immunity, Liana is considering using her Shot Through the Heart die.

Tribal Time

Hmm…there’s a lot of time left in this episode. So, I’m assuming Deshawn is going to be safe?

We start off with Heather saying she sat out of the challenge because the people she has traditionally outlasted are now on the jury. Wow, way to put the jury in their place, Heather.

Danny thinks that people should own up to their strategies, which is odd coming from someone who blamed the Shan boot on Ricard.

Erika tells us that some days she loves the game and some days she doesn’t. I think a lot of us can relate to that.

Ricard and Deshawn discuss the Shan vote with Deshawn saying that he felt the need to participate in the challenge because he felt like he was a target. Then, Deshawn asks Ricard if Shan had been the one to float his name out there last episode. Ricard confirms this.

As the discussion continues, Deshawn breaks down because voting for Shan was very difficult for him due to wanting to represent the culture the best he could.

It’s tough to read how Shan feels about all this.

Liana then makes a powerful statement about what it means to be a black woman in America and the importance of diversity. Very well done.

Do or Die Challenge: There are three boxes, one of the boxes has a flame, the other two have a skull. Flame means Deshawn stays, skull means he’s done.

Deshawn picks the box on the left. Probst opens one of the other boxes to reveal a skull. He then offers Deshawn the chance to switch boxes.

Ooo…it’s the “Let’s Make a Deal” thing! My understanding is mathematically it makes sense to switch boxes at this point, but the math never made sense to me. Probst knew he was opening a box that had a skull in it.

Anywho, Deshawn sticks with his box and it contains…a flame! Deshawn is safe!

Voting Time: Ricard votes for Liana, Danny votes for Ricard, and the rest of the votes are lost to the magic of editing.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Ricard, one vote for Liana, one vote for Ricard, one vote for Liana, one vote for Ricard, two votes for Liana, and the twelfth person voted out of “Survivor 41” and the fifth member of the jury is…Liana.

So…Xander must’ve broken out that extra vote.

Result: I did not hate this twist. It encouraged the tribe to target someone else in case the Do or Dier didn’t die. And if the Do or Dier died, hopefully that targeted person could sniff out what happened before the next Tribal. Either way, there was some interesting drama.

I just said some things.

Also, I’m OK with five of this final six winning. And that’s always a good place to be.

Power Ranking Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Liana in spot four, while her mother Linda had her in spot seven. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 85, Team Holmes 88.

  • Xander – He kept his idol and he kept his alliance. That’s an A performance in my book.
  • Danny – Everybody likes Danny, Danny’s making smart moves, Danny wins immunity. Why is nobody targeting Danny?!
  • Ricard – Staying in the game after last week’s show-stopping performance is to be commended.
  • Deshawn – You had a rough start, but getting Ricard to point out that Shan was targeting you may help  turn things around.
  • Erika – I get the idea of gunning for a big player, but your alliance is fresh and new. Although, at this point, I’m not sure which final three lands you a win.
  • Heather – I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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