“Survivor 41” Episode 2 Recap – Triple Threat

“Survivor: 41” (CBS)

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Last Week: We said our goodbyes to “Come on in, guys,” the cyber security expert wasn’t safe, and when Tribal went live, Sara didn’t survive…

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Luvu Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Danny, 33 – Former NFL Player
  • Deshawn, 26 – Medical Student
  • Erika, 31 – Communications Manager
  • Heather, 52 – Stay-at-home Mother
  • Naseer, 36 – Sales Manager
  • Sydney, 25 – Law Student

The Ua Tribe (wearing green)

  • Brad, 49 – Rancher
  • Genie, 46 – Grocery Clerk
  • JD, 20 – College Student
  • Ricard, 31 – Flight Attendant
  • Shan, 34 – Pastor

The Yase Tribe (wearing yellow)

  • Evvie, 28 – PhD Student
  • Liana, 20 – College Student
  • Tiffany, 47 – Teacher
  • Voce, 34 – Neurosurgeon
  • Xander, 20 – App Developer

At Ua Beach

We kick things off with Brad sprinting toward the water well in the hopes of getting there before JD and Ricard so he can overhear their conversation. And weirdly enough, this plan totally works. He hides in a bush and gets to hear Ricard tell JD that Brad thinks JD has an idol and to hear that JD feels much safer after the previous night’s vote.

Also, we learn that hunters don’t look at their prey because animals can feel eyesight on them. Huh…that’s horrifying.

Anywho, awesome plan, Brad. Spy shacks earned Tony Vlachos two (oops…three!) million dollars.

But in classic Brad fashion, he tells Shan things he should keep to himself. He lets her know what’s up and she promptly tells Ricard. Wah wah…

At Luvu Beach

Deshawn is trying his darnedest to get a fire started, but is having no luck. He tells us it took him and his family 13 HOURS to get a fire started at home. With flint! And presumably with YouTube videos showing you the way!

Naseer steps in and makes it happen while telling us about his backstory. Apparently he grew up in Sri Lanka without running water or electricity…just a happy family. Aww…

Sydney tells us that she wanted to learn all she could from Naseer then boot him. Boo…

But, he’s growing on her, so he’ll probably stay. Yay!

At Yase Beach

The tribe is in really bad shape mentally and physically. But they’re still well enough to go on an idol hunt. Xander eventually claims the Beware Advantage that we saw Jeff plant last week.

The rules of this advantage are; you must do what it says, or leave it behind. Like an overbearing partner.

Xander decides to go for it and learns about a three-way shared immunity idol. The other two parts are at the other camps. Xander will have to say a secret phrase at the next immunity challenge, if he gets the right response, he’ll know that the other person has the other idol. Once all three phrases are said at the same challenge, the idols will become active.

But…until the idols become active, he can’t vote at Tribal Council.


Xander shares this information with his closest allies; Evvie and Voce.

Evvie? His closest ally?! Yikes again.

They all agree that they can get Liana on their side and vote out Tiffany if they end up at Tribal. But secretly, Evvie wants to work with the women because men tend to get more credit toward the end of the game. Fair point.

Aaand…she’s worried Xander has too much power with his potential idol and extra vote and cheerful disposition. (OK, maybe she didn’t say the last part.)

Sure enough, she tells Liana and Tiffany what’s up with Xander’s plethora of advantages.

Immunity Challenge Time: One person from each tribe will swim across the course, then dive down to retrieve a key. Two other tribe members will race across an obstacle course. At the end, two members will use the key to release puzzle pieces. The first tribe to finish the puzzle will win a deluxe fishing kit. The second tribe will receive a smaller fishing kit. Both tribes will win immunity.

Sitting Out: Heather will sit for Luvu.

Before the challenge gets underway, Xander tells everyone that, “Butterflies were just dead relatives saying ‘Hi.’” And…there was no response except for laughter. So, he has to say that gibberish at every challenge going forward?

Watch next season they’ll have to say, “I’ve got the fever for a flavor of a Pringles.”

Also, what an interesting way to trigger it. Everyone who knows how the idols work will know where all three idols are.

Result: Luvu claimed first place with Ua taking second. Yase will be heading back to Tribal Council with Tiffany taking a lot of blame for the loss. The obstacle course was not her forte.

Before they finish up, Jeff tells Luvu that they need to send someone from Yase and someone from either their own tribe or Ua to go on a journey and make a decision.

They choose Evvie from Yase and Deshawn volunteers to go for Luvu. Evvie will return to camp before Tribal.

Quick Aside: Before they leave, Jeff takes Yase’s flint. When did they win it back?

Another Quick Aside: Poor Jeff lost his voice! First time in 41 seasons, right?

Evvie and Deshawn’s Excellent Adventure

The duo is greeted by a similar sign, encouraging them to go on a hike and get to know each other. During the walk, Evvie confesses that there’s no way she’ll risk her vote, so if the situation is similar to what the trio faced before, Deshawn should bet his.

She also tells Deshawn that Xander is probably the next to go and she even gives him a quick recap on this season’s wacky three-way, weird confession idols.

Wow, she’s giving him a lot.

They separate and are offered the same prisoner’s dilemma as last week. If they both protect their vote, they’ll keep it. If they both risk it, they’ll lose it. If one risks and one protects, they both get what they want.

Evvie is true to her word and Deshawn ends up with an extra vote.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Tiffany isn’t worried at all because she’s so confident in her alliance. She says things will have to go really wrong for her to go home. Ooo…famous last words.

Hilariously, she is shocked when Voce starts throwing her name around.

And weirdly, Tiffany refuses to believe that Xander’s idol hasn’t been activated. She thinks Xander was lying about the rules to Evvie even though Evvie read the letter that came with it.

Tiffany keeps pushing for them to flop to Voce, but Liana isn’t into it. In fact, Tiffany’s arguments are so erratic that it’s making Evvie question their alliance.

Tribal Time

Once again, Jeff whispers a quick breakdown before Yase arrives. Personally I love this little touch, it’s like really being there.

Voce earns some love from me by deftly tossing around some medical metaphors by saying the tribe is on life support and they need to figure out where the bleeding is coming from.

Then Liana takes it to the next level by pointing out that everyone’s version of where they’re bleeding is different.

But long story short; it’s ten minutes of challenge strength vs. loyalty.

Voting Time: No votes are shown, no dice are rolled…

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…nobody does.

Alright, one vote for Tiffany, two votes for Voce, and the third person voted out of “Survivor: 41” is…Voce.

Verdict: I tell ya, the Shot in the Dark die really gives you an incentive to keep the booted tribe member in the dark. Nobody even talked about it this episode because they all thought they were safe.

And what’s the deal with the flint? Did the losing tribes have to do something wacky back at camp to get it back?

Anywho, none of the new twists are too offensive, and I’m starting to like quite a few of the people in this cast. Keep ’em coming!

Power Rankings Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Voce in spot 10, while I had him in spot 14. The current score is Team Fitzgerald 10, Team Holmes 14.


  • Shan – Whether you’re a Shan Fan or a Shan Stan, we can all agree that she’s got everyone eating out of the palm of her hand.
  • Deshawn – Volunteering for the adventure feels like the move of a person who is confident with his alliance. And, he came out of it with so much information from Evvie. Question is; what did he give up about Luvu?
  • Naseer – If Sydney is to believed, it seems like you made up for your early plotting.  Well done.
  • Ricard – Working with Shan and JD seems like a good place to be right now.
  • Xander – Oh buddy, did you back the wrong horse. Nobody needs a tribe swap more than you do.
  • Liana – Your alliance is going to be clear as day as soon as you get to the next immunity challenge, but I’m going to bump you up because you were a champ on the obstacle course.
  • Evvie – You’re calling all the shots, but I don’t think you’re calling the right ones. It’ll be obvious what’s going on at your beach when the inevitable tribe swap happens. And, it seems like Tiffany has some loose cannon potential. Everything you were saying made sense and she was still freaking out.
  • Brad – Like a Paula Abdul song you’re always two steps forward, two steps back. I think the biggest thing going in your favor is that nobody is afraid of you game.
  • Tiffany – You certainly weren’t making it easy for poor Evvie.
  • Sydney, Erika, Heather, Danny, Genie, and JD – I can’t grade you if I don’t see your work.

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