“Survivor 41” Episode 8 Recap – Turtle Powerless

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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Last Week: The hourglass was decimated, Liana’s knowledge was negated, and Sydney was eliminated.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Viakana Tribe (wearing red)

  • Danny, 33 – Former NFL Player
  • Deshawn, 26 – Medical Student
  • Erika, 31 – Communications Manager
  • Evvie, 28 – PhD Student
  • Heather, 52 – Stay-at-home Mother
  • Liana, 20 – College Student
  • Naseer, 36 – Sales Manager
  • Ricard, 31 – Flight Attendant
  • Shan, 34 – Pastor
  • Xander, 20 – App Developer

Post-Tribal Wrap-Up

Oh, apparently the tribe name is Viakana. No need to show us how they came to that decision.

Evvie is super thankful that Xander saved their cookies, but Xander doesn’t love that they spilled the beans about his idol to Deshawn. Maybe I’m hungry.

Liana also thinks that her relationships with Evvie might be fractured. You think?! You just played one of the most powerful advantages in “Survivor” history in an attempt to pull off a blindside. Yeah, that might kick off some trust issues.

The following morning, Evvie tries to make peace with the dominant alliance, but it seems like that ship has sailed. They compare Yase to the baby turtles on the beach. C’mon Evvie, those baby turtles tend to get picked off by birds on the way to the ocean.

Sure enough, we’re treated to a montage of the former Yaseians trying to find a place in other alliances.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will draw rocks to create two teams. They’ll leap off the top of a ramp into the water and release puzzle pieces. Once they have all of the puzzle pieces on the platform, they’ll have to solve a pyramid puzzle. The first tribe to complete this feat will get grilled cheese back at camp.

Before things get underway, Probst tells us that they’re placing an advantage under the sit-out bench. Where were those when Sandra Diaz-Twine needed them?!

Teams: Xander, Danny, Deshawn, Evvie, and Ricard are the blue team vs. Shan, Liana, Heather, Tiffany, and Naseer the yellow team. Wow, that blue team is a monster.

Sitting Out: Erika, oof…she’s got some bad luck with these rock draws. Buuut…Xander offers to swap with her. Huh…she decides to go for it.

Result: Wow…Erika and Evvie finished the puzzle in almost no time. Apparently Evvie had studied the puzzle before the season. Smart. I’ll never understand why more players don’t do that. Also, it seems like Xander did not find the advantage even though he appeared to be looking for it.

Reward Envy

Liana, Shan, and Tiffany are tired of being put on the weaker teams and they get very emotional when they see the others walk off with their grilled cheese sandwiches. But, Shan channels this anger into focus. She decides that if Evvie can knock out a puzzle so quickly, then there’s no telling what else they’re good at.

Shan shares this plan with Xander, and he admits to us that he sat out so he could be with the losers. Apparently, they tend to be more open to changing their strategies. That’s actually pretty smart.

To make up for their grilled cheese deficit, Naseer goes out and finds a bunch of papaya. When Ricard returns from his feast and samples the papaya, Shan is not pleased. It always comes down to food. Just ask James Clement.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will stand on a beam with a block of wood wedged between their head and the top of the frame. The last person with their block in place will win immunity.

Jeff gives a single player the chance to opt out in exchange for a portion of rice. Or, if multiple people sit out, they’ll get a whole bag of rice.

This kicks off a debate over what “multiple” is. Shan offers two, Jeff wants seven, Shan responds with five. Jeff accepts five. Angelina Cardona Keeley would have gotten him down to three. Shan and Naseer step down. But, nobody else will. Xander asks if Jeff will go for four. Probst agrees, so Xander and Ricard step down as well.

Result: Deshawn, Erika, and Tiffany are out immediately. It eventually comes down to Evvie vs. Heather, with Evvie picking up the win. Love a win when someone desperately needs it.

Oof…and apparently this whole challenge was only four minutes long compared to over an hour when Spencer Bledsoe won.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Liana confirms that Evvie’s number would have been up if they didn’t have immunity. So, the new plan is to get Xander to burn his idol and then for them to vote out Tiffany.

Naseer feels comfortable enough with the alliance to not use his idol. Hmm…famous last words?

Sure enough, Danny floats the idea of splitting the vote between Naseer and Tiffany. Shan doesn’t like this because Xander is a big threat. But, Deshawn is all for it.

In fact, Shan is so against getting rid of Naseer that it starts to rub Deshawn the wrong way. But, they manage to work things out.

Eventually, they decide to tell Xander that it’s between Tiffany and Heather, but that’s only after Naseer balks at them using him as a decoy. This worries Xander because Heather doesn’t make sense to him or anyone watching at home.

And then Heather speaks! She says stuff! And, it makes a lot of sense. She’s worried that if Xander and Naseer both get freaked out and play their idols that she could go home.

Tribal Time

The highlight is easily Naseer saying that he definitely would have won the challenge because he has flat feet and chicken legs. I love this dude.

Otherwise, Evvie tries to convince everyone that Yase isn’t a unit anymore, but nobody believes it.

Probst tells them it’s time to vote, but Heather starts whispering. She starts asking people to vote for Naseer, which encourages Ricard to tell Xander to play his idol just in case.

The majority thinks they should just change their vote to Heather. But, this is all so telegraphed, it’s making me think this is part of a ruse to make sure idols are played.

Or maybe not, Deshawn is upset with Shan again because he feels like she is shutting down his opinions.

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…nobody does.

We’ve got two votes for Xander, two votes for Heather, a vote for Naseer, four votes for Tiffany, and the eighth person voted out of “Survivor 41” and the first member of the jury is…Tiffany.

OK, Ricard, Shan, Erika, Liana, Deshawn, and Heather voted for Tiffany. Nasser and Danny voted for Xander, Xander voted for Nasser, and Evvie and Tiff voted for Heather.

Verdict: So…was the Tiffany live Tribal just a way to spook the guys with the idols? If so, that’s a clever move. If not, then that alliance is a mess.

Anywho, love that we focused on challenges and social games instead of the usual forty advantage hustle.

Power Ranking Results: Michele Fitzgerald had Tiffany in spot nine, while I had her in spot ten. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 61, Team Holmes 61.

  • Danny – Danny is a giant challenge powerhouse and nobody seems concerned. He brings up clever strategies like targeting Naseer and nobody realizes how locked in he is. Super impressive.
  • Xander – Xander deserves all the credit in the world for how well he’s playing on the bottom.
  • Evvie – OK, winning that challenge isn’t going to make people want to work with them more, but what’re you gonna do?
  • Naseer – Naseer wiggled his way out of being a target pretty well. Kudos.
  • Deshawn and Ricard – The only reason you fellas are this low is because of your interactions with Shan. Social game missteps on all sides.
  • Heather – OK, this is a grade with an asterisk. If turning the Tribal on its ear was a ploy to get Xander to play his idol? Then you deserve an A. If you really were trying to get Nasser at the last second, you get this B-.
  • Shan – Her strategy is a 9 out of 10, but her social game is slipping. That Ricard thing should be a non-issue.
  • Erika and Liana – I can’t grade you if I don’t see your work.

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