“Survivor 41” Power Rankings – Michele Fitzgerald Has Answered the Challenge!

“Survivor” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week Michele Fitzgerald and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Evvie is voted out, Michele will receive three points and Gordon will receive two. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: 41” champion.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.

Team Fitzgerald: 0 Team Holmes: 0

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1. Danny: If he keeps stepping up the way he has been, that stairway will lead right to the top. 1. Shan: It was a toss up between Shan and Evvie for the top spot, but I’m going to lean toward Shan because it might not be as clear that she’s the one calling the shots. That, and I think she has a few more obvious targets than Evvie does.
2. Xander: I expected more of a “bro” vibe from this guy but he seems smart, humble and clearly is viewed as trustworthy. Big kudos that he didn’t get egotistical about his strength or power this week. He will go far. 2. Evvie: It seems like Evvie picked Tiffany over Abraham because she thinks Tiffany will be more loyal. Buuut…what’s Evvie gonna do if they lose again? Can she stand to lose Xander or Voce?
3. Evvie: When “Survivor” hands you a lemon shirt, keep all your tribe mates and your Harvard education in your pocket. 3. Ricard: First of all, kudos to Ricard for sticking up for something that was important to him. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to harm him in the game (or in real life, people.) He should be safe for a while with Shan hanging back and letting him think he’s the one making all the moves.
4. Shan: I did not expect our “Survivor” villain to be a cute pastor but 2021 is still full of surprises. I will be praying for her tribe mates as she blindsides them one by one. 4. Danny: Yeah, it looks bad if you were hunting for idols during that challenge…but it’s a six-person tribe and you’re a potential challenge powerhouse. I’m sure you’re fine.
5. Sydney: Her nomad lifestyle may give her the adaptability to travel deep through this game. 5. Deshawn: See Danny.
6. Erika: She is like a Sour Patch Kid, first they are sweet and then they are sassy. That’s the slogan, right? Anyways, who doesn’t like Sour Patch!? 6. Xander: Abraham described you as being “Springtime.” That might be the nicest thing I’ve ever heard one player say about another player. If Yase finds their way to Tribal again, I think it’ll be a hard push to get him out.
7. Liana: I have no choice but to stan. She exposed Abraham, is working with Evvie and, like someone else we know (cough cough, me), is stuck stranded on “Survivor” in a yellow bra. Sadly, she had a confessional with an incorrect read on Evvie so that could bite her in the butt later but, for now, sit pretty on your throne, queen. 7. Sydney: Hello, Sydney. Do you like scary movies? I’m just gonna keep doing “Scream” lines because I we didn’t get to see very much of the Luvu women.
8. Deshawn: We were told that he made the decision to sweat for the tribe without consulting their opinion, and then we were told he used that time to look for an idol. Not great second hand content. Still, he is strong, connected to Danny, and clearly intelligent, so I think he will be safe for now. 8. JD: Starting fire, little adventure, extra vote, live Tribal…what a first episode you had! I think you need to be a little more aware of what’s going on around you, but someone is clearly looking out for you.
9. Genie: When tribal council got moving, Genie and Brad were shown staying still. This game is alive, people, get up and be part of it or get left behind! 9. Erika: It seemed like Erika was being personable and adorable each time we saw her. No reason to send her home first.
10. Voce: IQ + EQ = 16? 17? 16.7? Let’s debate it over a casual 4-hour walk collecting water. 10. Brad: I believe Janet Weiss said it best when she exclaimed, “Oh Brad!” C’mon buddy, calling people out to their faces? That’s not a rookie mistake, that’s a have-you-ever-watched-this-show mistake. Lucky for you, you’re strong, tough, and seem to have an air of innocence around you.
11. Tiffany: I would recognize that accent from anywhere. My New York neighbor seems tough, fun, and heartfelt. If she can survive the “strength” portion of this game, she can make a deep run. 11. Liana: Liana and Tiffany are the foundation upon which Evvie will build her “Survivor” championship. That’s if…she can keep Yase out of Tribal. Fortunately for Liana, she’s better in challenges and more low-key than Tiffany.
12. JD: I love that he is so stoked to be on this epic season of “Survivor” because the game is totallyyy rad, but the dude is not giving, like, ~chill vibez~. I think Shan will see him as an easy ally to manipulate, and Brad is clearly his bro, so I am actually more worried for Ricard at this point. 12. Heather: I feel like you’re the player we learned the least about. So, I have no idea whether you’re safe or not. However, I’m betting we only get one elimination this week and you’re on the strongest tribe.
13. Ricard: I am trying to not let my biases paint these rankings because I have to beat Gordon but I really, really want him to do well. Ricard was vocal about his opinions at camp and about his beliefs to Jeff at the challenge. This gives him my MVP vote. But, he got another type of vote this week, and that worries me. 13. Naseer: I know it’s “Survivor” 101 to target someone you catch looking for an idol, but getting rid of Danny or Deshawn would be tribe suicide. And anyone who feels like they are on the outs is immediately going to tell them what you said.
14. Brad: Never. Tell. Someone. They. Are. At. The. Bottom. At the pace this season is moving, little off handed comments like that give people a reason to vote for him (as already seen). 14. Voce: The Yase tribe is a pretty good candidate for going to Tribal Council this week. And if Evvie’s Elite sticks together and it’s down to you and Xander? All the accurate mathematics in the world won’t save you.
15. Heather: Her “Survivor” journey started 20 years ago as a girlfriend, then as a wife, then as a mother, now as a castaway. That is pretty awesome. Still, seeing Tiffany as the target this week, I worry Heather may be the next target except with no Evvie to save her. 15. Tiffany: I know I’ve said it about a dozen times above, but what happens if Yase loses? Which was does Evvie go? Is it crazy to dwindle your numbers in hopes of keeping your day-ones safe? Especially if a tribe swap (or many tribe swaps!) are in your future?
16. Naseer: The problem with learning English by watching “Survivor” is you end up with a vocabulary including “final 4, idol hunting, strategy, deals” etc. These are the words you want to avoid in the first week. 16. Genie: I love you, Genie. You’ve got a wife named Lindsey (just like me!) and you’re a hard worker around camp. But you didn’t vote with the group last week and I see them forgiving Brad for what he did.

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