“Survivor 41” Power Rankings Round 4 – I Don’t Want to, But I Luvu Edition

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week, Michele Fitzgerald and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Evvie is voted out, Michele will receive two points and Gordon will receive five. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: 41” Power Rankings champion.

Last Week: Michele Fitzgerald had JD in spot eight. I had him in spot six. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 31, Team Holmes 32.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.

Team Fitzgerald: 31 Team Holmes: 32

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Any Questions? Drop Gordon a line on Twitter: @GordonHolmes

1. Danny: In my #1 spot for the foreseeable future. 1. Shan: I’m not sure getting an extra vote was worth getting rid of JD, but this isn’t a ranking of how well you played, it’s a ranking of how safe you are. And even if Genie hits that 1-in-6 shot, you still have two votes to Ricard’s one. Oh, and JD said Shan DOES HUM AROUND CAMP!
2. Evvie: Still in the coveted power position of her tribe. 2. Danny: I love that Danny went against his instincts and agreed to throw the challenge. That was probably really hard for him. But, “Survivor” is about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Also, what a sweetie for how he helped Heather.
3. Deshawn: Sitting comfortably enough to attempt to throw a challenge tells me he should be safe until a swap. 3. Deshawn: He’s the guy at Luvu! Pulling all the strings. Personally, I wouldn’t be so quick to bounce Erika because she clearly trusts him, but he’s in no danger.
4. Liana: Still the closest with Evvie and despite not having any advantages, seems to be still in a good spot 4. Sydney: Hey, she’s “the threat of threats,” she’s “savvy as hell,” she’s “good looking,” and she’s a “physical threat.” Add a solid alliance with Deshawn and Danny to that mix and you’re doing really well.
5. Ricard: I am not sure where his whole tribe goes from their last vote. I’d assume him and Shan will stick together. 5. Evvie: So, if the idol stays dormant, Xander’s gone. And if the idol gets magically resurrected, Evvie isn’t going to be Xander’s first target.
6. Sydney: She is proving to be a little devious but she seems to have the numbers for now. 6. Liana: I won’t put Tiffany very high in these rankings until after the merge. She’s a challenge liability and a loose cannon, which is a recipe for a pre-merge exit. So, if Xander hears two responses, I think Tiff is the most likely choice.
7. Shan: Proving she will do anything for power last week, her cutthroat gameplay could get her in trouble or get her to the end so I am putting her in the middle. 7. Ricard: Shan talked about “Villains vs. Assassins” last week. And Team Shicard is the perfect example. Shan comes off as savvy, Ricard comes off as vindictive. He just won’t play nice with Genie! What if she comes into power?
8. Xander: With Brad out, there is no one to repeat his funny little butterfly line to, which minimizing his threat level right now. 8. Naseer: CHALLENGE BEAST!
9. Heather: Her tribe was so supportive during her challenge performance but at this point she has shown weakness and it could make her a target. 9. Heather: Yeah, she had a tough time at the challenge, but it’s not like her tribe is hurting for challenge strength. My only worry for her is if Erika trips over an idol.
10. Tiffany: I will always stay concerned for Tiffany. 10. Tiffany:  Like I said in Liana’s blurb, you’re the one I could see them targeting if Xander’s idol becomes a real boy.
11. Genie: Still hanging on but I think she’s at the bottom of her tribe if they go to Tribal again. 11. Xander: Wow, your whole world changes with two little sentences. An idol, an extra vote…but until then, you’re practically an observer.
12. Naseer: Quite an impressive challenge performance but knowing he was not aware of the plan to throw the challenge means he is on the outs. 12. Genie: Shan and Ricard are so rock solid. I think we’re going to see our first die roll if Ua loses.
13. Erika: Her tribe was willing to throw a challenge to attempt to vote her out so I am fairly concerned for her. 13. Erika:  A lot can happen in a few days, but I’m imagining Danny and Deshawn seeing another man leaving the game and freaking out. They just need to convince Naseer to quit with the heroics.

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