“Survivor 41” Power Rankings Round 5.5 – For Real This Time, Maybe Edition

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week, Michele Fitzgerald and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Evvie is voted out, Michele will receive twelve points and Gordon will receive ten. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: 41” Power Rankings champion.

Last Week: Well…you know.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.


Team Fitzgerald: 42 Team Holmes: 44

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1. Liana: She has the numbers on the tribe that I do not think is going to tribal so… let me just take a wild guess here (spoiler alert, all of my rankings today are wild guesses) and say she is the safest. 1. Liana: (Ranting hat on.) Can we talk about how insanely weird this episode is to Power Rank?! Within the first ten minutes, half of the tribe is going to be totally immune. My money is on a busted hourglass, so Liana will be safe, and if not, she can just grab someone’s idol for funsies.
2. Deshawn: He has Danny, Sydney, Naseer and Evvie. I think he is in a good spot even if he goes to tribal. 2. Shan: And a whole tribe’s victory will be nullified because they took the wrong person on a field trip. Or, it’s possible that both of them would have smashed the hourglass and they were in a lose/lose situation from the start. Shan’s another one who will benefit from this wierdo twist and if not, she’s got an idol, an extra vote, a can of Pringles, and a partridge in a pear tree.
3. Danny: I am only moving him from my #1 spot this week because I believe Erika will put his team in danger. Still, I think he has the numbers. 3. Heather: And what’s the lesson here? Isn’t this show supposed to celebrate people who strive for the best and overcome obstacles? That is, unless someone is literally handed a magic hourglass by the host? Heather, you’re fine because smashy smashy.
4. Tiffany: I am always worried for Tiffany and Heather but the merge usually gives people who are not as strong in challenges a new lease on life. If her, Liana and Xander stick together, they have the numbers. 4. Tiffany: I fell in love with this show because it made me feel good that a homophobic marine and a gay man could become friends if they just hung out and got to know each other. OK, rant over.

Oh, and Tiff, you’re good.

5. Xander: If the 3 of them stick together. That is a big *if*. Because if not, I think Xander could be in trouble. 5. Deshawn: Of all the players cursed with the bad luck of WINNING A CHALLENGE, I think Deshawn is the safest. He’s got tons of angles he can work if he ends up without immunity.
6. Shan: Sometimes people overplay, and I worry that Shan could fall into that trap. Still, I do not think she is on the losing tribe this week. 6. Erika: Let’s stop kidding ourselves. It’s smashing time. And you’ll be safe for a week, and you can make the argument that you did it to save Heather or whatever. You can also say that it let them target Ricard or Evvie.
7. Heather: Like I said with Tiffany, the merge usually gives less physical players a new opportunity in this game. But we are still seeing the game divided into teams so Heather is not out of the woods yet. 7. Sydney: Wow, if you didn’t like Erika before. Luckily for you though, you have a pretty solid alliance.
8. Erika: Somehow her decision could backfire on her. 8. Xander: If, and this is a five-star, restaurant-quality if, Erika doesn’t smash the hourglass. I could see Liana relieving you of that idol and sending you packing.
9. Naseer: Finding himself in the middle, unsure of what was going to happen next is very Naseer of Naseer. I have never moved someone up and down my power rankings as much as this man, and today is no exception. 9. Ricard: Shan doesn’t trust you and she doesn’t need you. You should’ve let that extra vote thing go.
10. Sydney: If Deshawn, Danny and Naseer link together, it could be a woman on the outs. 10. Evvie:  As the brains behind Yase and the supposed leader of an all-female alliance, I could see Danny/Deshawn and Co. making a move to cut off the head of the snake.
11. Ricard: Coming in from such a small tribe could mean that people view him as a number they can use, or it could mean that he is in the most trouble. Being on a team with Danny, Deshawn, Naseer and Sydney, I am guessing it would be the latter. 11. Danny:  Call me crazy, and I hate seeing him this low as much as you do, but…odds are this challenge is going to be balancing or holding a plate of tennis balls or something else that isn’t going to be in Danny’s wheelhouse. Big guys are never safe after merge/swap thingy. I hope I’m wrong.
12. Evvie: She built a relationship with Deshawn early on but she does not have the numbers in this new tribe. If the men are worried about the women taking control, getting rid of Evvie is like cutting the head off the snake. 12. Naseer: He probably thinks his idol is a secret from his Luvu buddies. It is not. I hope I’m wrong, and fortunately for Naseer, I usually am.

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