“Survivor 41” Power Rankings Round 9 – Balancing Act Edition

“Survivor 41” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week, Michele Fitzgerald and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Erika is voted out, Michele will receive six points and Gordon will receive eight. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: 41” Power Rankings champion.

Last Week: Michele Fitzgerald had Naseer in spot five, while Gordon had him in spot four. They both had Evvie in spot ten. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 76, Team Holmes 75.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.

Team Fitzgerald: 76 Team Holmes: 75

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Any Questions? Drop Gordon a line on Twitter: @GordonHolmes

1. Liana: You seem to be in a good spot in majority right now. 1. Xander: After last week’s blindside, the only way you’re not playing that idol is if you win immunity. Either way, you’re going to be on high alert.
2. Danny: In the power group and not forcing your opinions or creating tension. 2. Liana: As the least likely of her alliance to win, there’s just no reason to vote for Liana. Danny and Deshawn are a pair, Shan and Ricard are a pair, if things go south, you’re a swing vote.
3. Deshawn: Despite the bubbling drama brewing between you and Shan, I still think your power alliance will win out. Unless we do a weird splitsy again and the underdogs revolt. 3. Danny: Danny is always going to be a target due to his physicality. Eventually the challenges are going to be balance less and run more. But for now, he’s playing such an impressive game. Best pro athlete to play since Ethan Zohn?
4. Ricard: You have the option to go with Shan or switch it up. Now could be the time to make a move. 4. Heather: If Erika wins immunity and Xander uses his idol, maybe…maybe it’ll be time for Heather to go. But, I’d bet a lot of people have designs on taking her to the end.
5. Shan: People are not feeling seen or heard in your alliance which is dangerous for you. 5. Deshawn: If a Shan/Deshawn war ever breaks out, I’m thinking the majority goes the way Danny goes. And Danny and Deshawn have been tight even since the day-one water challenge.
6. Erika: You are on the outs and also pretty savvy which contestants could recognize and use as an excuse to make you the next target. 6. Shan: There is a price to be paid for sending Naseer home. Yeah, Danny and Deshawn were probably cool with it, but you and Ricard working with Erika and Heather might make them nervous.
7. Xander: The only reason you are second to last is that you have the idol or else I’d say your face is public enemy number one. 7. Ricard: As the architect of the Naseer move, you’re also going to take some heat for it.  If the majority alliance decides to finally go after each other, you could be in for a surprise.
8. Heather: If the top dogs want to make moves and start turning on each other you may be ok but I’m thinking they will do another week eliminating your numbers. 8. Erika: Shan worked with you last week, but she still wants you gone. I could see them pulling Heather in for a split vote between you and Xander and Xander saving himself.

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