“Survivor 42” Episode 10 Recap – A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

“Survivor 42” (CBS)

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Last Week: Maryanne found an idol on her second try,  Omar told Mike a pretty convincing lie, and mastermind Hai was forced to say, “Bye.”

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Kula Kula Tribe (wearing purple)

  • Drea, 35 – Fitness Consultant
  • Jonathan, 29 – Beach Service Company Owner
  • Lindsay, 31 – Dietician
  • Maryanne, 24 – Seminary Student
  • Mike, 58 – Retired Firefighter
  • Omar, 31 – Veterinarian
  • Romeo, 37 – Pageant Coach

Post Tribal Shenanigans

It’s all hugs and handshakes back at camp as the tribe celebrates Hai’s blindside. Mike in particular is glad to see him go after the way Hai allegedly manipulated him. (Meanwhile, Omar is pictured over Mike’s shoulder.)

Romeo is psyched to finally get some breathing room. It’s nice to watch the dominant alliance pick itself apart, but has Romeo added anything to his resume in the meantime?

In other news, Lindsay and Drea discuss the fact that their amulets are now a steal-a-vote. You know what happens when all three of the amulets are out of the game? The show improves.

The next morning, it seems like we’re looking at Drea, Mike, Lindsay, Omar, and Jonathan against Maryanne and Romeo. And apparently Romeo is getting a bad reputation for not doing anything around camp except for eating.

Mike gets everyone to rally around the idea of that quintet as the final five, but he later tells Omar that it was all a show to make Drea feel safe. Wow, some solid strategy out of someone who had a rough last episode.

However, this is leading Omar to think that Mike might be trying to make some big moves. I love how he explores all of the angles.

Food for Thought

The lack of food is starting to get to Jonathan. He tells us exactly how many calories he burns in any given situation. All while I’m halfway through a bag of microwave popcorn that I poured hot sauce on.

Note: Hot sauce on popcorn is a Jeremy Collins move. And it’s amazing.

Drea doesn’t have a ton of sympathy for him because she’s allergic to coconut and is starving. Allergic to coconut?! On “Survivor”? Good thing you’re not allergic to balancing challenges.

Anywho, it seems like a Jonathan vs. Drea feud is simmering under the surface which Lindsay is more than happy to use to her advantage.

Quick Aside: Am I crazy or could Lindsay make a run for this? She’s very savvy. It’s just weird that we haven’t seen much of her up until this point.

Reward Challenge Time: The players will balance on a perch while holding onto a handle. If they fall, they’re out. Last person standing wins immunity.

Survivor Mad-Libs: Balance on a _________ while holding a __________.

Before things get underway, Probst lets us know that we’re gonna see the Do or Die twist again. Bleh…not a fan. If you don’t remember, the first person out of the challenge basically has a two-in-three shot of being eliminated from the game. If they survive, the tribe has to vote someone else out.

Probst reminds us that the cast hasn’t seen season 41. Luckyyyy…

Sitting Out: Everyone except Jonathan and Lindsay. Whoa… OK, as far as interesting developments, that might’ve been the best-case scenario.

Result: Lindsay drops at around the 12-minute mark. Jonathan wins immunity.

Quick Aside: I’ve gotta say, as much as being in the Do or Die position must suck. It must be nice to have that call out of your hands.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Lindsay is kind of beating herself up because she probably would have been safe if she didn’t compete. But, the appeal of taking out Jonathan was too much.

Hilariously, Drea is bummed that Lindsay could go home. Buuut…if she does, the amulet will become an idol.

In case the Do or Die does instead of dies, Mike is pushing for Drea to be the vote, with Romeo being a decoy. Lindsay is obviously into it for amulet reasons. Meanwhile Maryanne and Jonathan both want Drea gone because she’ll probably win at final three.

Mike tells us that he’ll play his idol if he needs to…well…not if Drea swipes it.

And Drea is getting suspicious. She tells Omar that she has the ability to steal Mike’s idol. Uh-oh… that’s a power that’s best kept a secret.

CUT TO: Omar telling Lindsay about Drea’s power. Sure enough, Lindsay and Omar conspire to get Mike to hand over his idol.

Omar walks us through all the possibilities of telling Mike about the power, letting Drea blindside Mike, getting Mike to hand over his idol, then voting him out anyway, etc.  But, it could all be for nothing if Lindsay picks the wrong box.

Tribal Time

Nothing terribly concrete is said other than Drea outing people who go to the water well but come back without water.

Do or Die Challenge: Three boxes are placed in front of Lindsay, she goes with the one in the middle. Probst opens one of the boxes to show that it’s an elimination box. He offers to let her choose again and she sticks with her original choice.

Note: According to the “Let’s Make a Deal” rules, she should change. But that’s never made sense to me. Probst was going to open an elimination box no matter what.

Anywho, Probst opens the original box and Lindsay is…safe!

Wow…Do or Die > Shot in the Dark. And thank goodness, because the situation they have set up for the vote is really interesting.

And sure enough, Drea tries to steal Mike’s idol. Buuut…Mike doesn’t have the idol.

Loose lips, sink ships, my friends.

We learn that Omar did approach Mike about 30 minutes before Tribal and Mike handed over his idol.

Voting Time: Mike votes for Drea, Drea casts an extra vote, and the rest are secret.

JPro tallies and asks if anyone wants to play an idol, nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Drea, one vote for Mike, one vote for Drea, one vote for Mike, one vote for Drea, one vote for Mike, one vote for Drea, and the twelfth person voted out of “Survivor 42” and the fifth member of the jury is…Drea.

On the way out, she confesses to giving two votes to Mike and they laugh and hug it out. She also tells Lindsay that she’s rooting for her, that she never targeted Jonathan, and that Mike will win if he gets to the end. She also confesses that Omar is the only person she told about her advantage.

Isn’t this speech against some “Survivor” rule?

Either way, it’s adorable. Love me some, Drea.

Verdict: Yeah, I’m Mister There-Are-Too-Many-Weirdo-Advantages-on-the-Show, but even I’ll admit; that was awesome.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are three (three?!) active idols left at final six. And that’s bad news.

  • Omar – You probably deserve an A+, but I can’t get over the idea that your amazing game is too under the radar.
  • Mike – I’m not sure I agree with Drea. I think Omar or Lindsay could beat Mike. But, when he was faced with some shocking news, he made the right call.
  • Jonathan and Maryanne – At this point they’ve got to be asking, “Who can I beat in the end?” I don’t know if either has the resume to get it done.
  • Lindsay – On the other hand, I think Lindsay can win this, but competing in the challenge was an unnecessarily dangerous move.
  • Romeo – Why are you rubbing your tribe the wrong way? If you sneak to the end and they like you, you can win because you were on the bottom for so long. At this rate, you’re playing a third-place game.

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