“Survivor 42” Episode 2 Recap – Daniel, You’re a Star

“Survivor 42” (CBS)

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Last Week: A cross-tribe alliance broke out in the middle of a challenge, Jackson left due to a controversial medical issue, and Zach was not vicTORIous

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Ika Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Drea, 35 – Fitness Consultant
  • Rocksroy, 44 – Stay-at-home Father
  • Romeo, 37 – Pageant Coach
  • Swati, 19 – Ivy League Student
  • Tori, 25 – Therapist

The Taku Tribe (wearing orange)

  • Jonathan, 29 – Beach Service Company Owner
  • Lindsey, 31 – Dietician
  • Marya, 47 – Stay-at-home Mother
  • Maryanne, 24 – Seminary Student
  • Omar, 31 – Veterinarian

The Vati Tribe (wearing green)

  • Chanelle, 29 – Executive Recruiter
  • Daniel, 30 – Law Clerk
  • Hai, 29 – Data Scientist
  • Jenny, 43 – Creative Director
  • Lydia, 22 – Waitress
  • Mike, 58 – Retired Firefighter

Post-Tribal Wrap Up

Romeo is bummed out to see his skinny partner go home, but he’s happy that the vote will help Tori feel comfortable in case they need to boot her later. Well, that’s a glass-is-half-full kind of thought.

Meanwhile, Tori is a little jealous that Zach is going to get food and a real bed. Now you think of that? I’m sure he would’ve happily traded places with you.

At Vati Beach

Jenny and Chanelle find some hermit crabs while out on a walk. And cause they’re both city folk, they have no idea what to do with them. Hilariously, they wrap them up in a leaf. Like a little crab present. The tribe boils up their gifts, but Hai is sticking to his vegan lifestyle. That’s admirable but has to be tough when you’re out there without rice. The monster strikes again…

Eventually, Hai decides that his game is more important and does eat some crab.

Later on, Mike finds an idol. But, it’s the weirdo new idol that requires a hilarious quote to activate. His line is, “There is such grace in the game of soccer it makes me cry.” 

Also, it costs him his vote until it’s activated. This forces him to go against his better judgment and tell someone about it. That someone is Jenny. Oh, then he tells Daniel too. So, once again everyone is going to know who has every idol.

Oh jeez, and as Daniel is reading the rules of the idol, he literally says, “Jeff Probst had a good idea.” That’s one way to get screen time. Daniel eventually encourages Mike not to activate the idol so as to not let the others know he has it.

Oh yeah, and Daniel promptly tells Chanelle about it too. They smartly realize they can control the idols by keeping Mike from activating it or by simply voting him out. 

Smart. Smart. Smart.

At Taku Beach

Maryanne is swinging the machete like a psychopath and it’s adorable. Like the most huggable serial slasher of all time. However, her constant energy is starting to annoy some people, Marya and Lindsey in particular. 

CUT TO: Maryanne doing a “Survivor” promo that seems to be swinging the machete like she’s making the mouse ears in a Disney Channel ad.

In other news, Omar lets everyone know that he’s a Muslim and will be praying on the beach at different times. Everyone is very accepting of this and Maryanne even weaves him a prayer mat! And Omar and Jonathan are becoming coconut opening/jewelry sharing buddies. 

As far as alliances, it looks like Jonathan is close with everyone except for Marya. As they’re trying to get to know each other better, Marya tells us that her brother was the first health care worker in the U.S. to die from COVID. As someone who has suffered many loses due to COVID, including my father, this was a tough scene to watch.

At Ika Beach

Drea is weighing her options. She’s currently in an alliance with Rocksroy and Romeo, but she’s also entertaining the thought of an all-female alliance. She approaches Tori and Swati with this idea and they dig it. To further solidify things, she tells them about her extra vote.


Sure enough, Swati sees this as too much power and targets Drea.

Sing along if you know the words! “Keep your advantages tooooo yourself. Keep those advantages tooooo yourself.”

Immunity Challenge Time: One person will be a caller while their blindfolded partners try to retrieve three bags of puzzle pieces. The first tribe to complete the puzzle blindfolded wins immunity and fishing gear. The second tribe wins immunity and a smaller set of fishing gear.

Before the challenge gets underway, Maryanne admits that Zach is “every kind of white guy” that she has a crush on and she’s bummed that he’s gone. That had to break Probst’s heart that they weren’t put on the same tribe.

Callers: Drea, Jonathan, and Lydia

Sitting Out: Daniel

Fun Fact: Mark Burnett loves blindfold challenges as much as Maryanne loves skinny white guys.

Result: The end puzzle was very close with Vati picking up the win and Ika claiming second.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Early on, Omar and Jonathan are debating between Marya and Maryanne. That’s tough cause their names are so similar.

Both Marya and Maryanne know that their heads are on the chopping block. And to add to Maryanne’s stress, she doesn’t even know if she has a vote due to her visit to the Island of Excessive Advantages. 

In her desperation, Maryanne goes on a little idol hunt. Unfortunately, she gets caught by Lindsey who does not like alliance members who panic.

Tribal Time

Probst decides to say his “fire equals life” spiel all by himself. Yeah, I guess it was bad luck for Zach.

And the entire Tribal is a bit of a dud. All vague. The only highlight is Probst bringing up the possibility that Maryanne might be sent to hang out with her crush.

Voting Time: Maryanne gets her extra vote, Omar votes for “Mary,” and the rest are secret.


Probst tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…Marya plays her shot in the dark. Probst opens the parchment and she is…not safe.

OK, we’ve got two votes for Marya, and the third person eliminated from “Survivor 42” is…Marya.

Verdict: Note to future players: Loose lips, sink ships! Keep those advantages under your hat!

Otherwise…kind of a dull episode. But, I am enjoying getting to know everyone. And, without a trip to Excessive Advantage Island, we got to see more interactions.

  • Daniel – Wow, after a rough start, he seems to have a lot of angles. Well done, sir.
  • Omar and Jonathan – I’m here for this bromance. (That’s what the kids say, right?)
  • Swati – Drea just put all the power into your hands. I know you’re close with Rocksroy, just give him a hint that Drea’s looking into a female alliance and you’ve got him locked.
  • Jenny –  I’m kinda becoming a Jenny fan. Seems like she’s on everyone’s good side.
  • Chanelle – A Chanelle/Daniel power couple could be really awesome.
  • Lindsey – Marya went home, so you didn’t get what you wanted. But you’re still in a good spot in your tribe.
  • Mike – Ya know…congrats on the idol I guess.
  • Hai – The crab moment was really interesting. It’s definitely a signal that you came to play.
  • Maryanne –  I love you. But, this is a social game. There are two ways to send you home based on your personality. Either they can say you’re annoying or you’re too likable. Pull back a bit.
  • Drea – You gave Swati all the ammunition she needs to send you home. And that extra vote won’t save you against four people.
  • Lydia, Romeo, Rocksroy, and Tori –  I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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