“Survivor 42” Episode 3 Recap – Probst Forced to Stop Dangerous Challenge

“Survivor 42” (CBS)

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Last Week: Mike found an idol and lost a vote, while Taku kept a Maryanne and lost a Marya.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Ika Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Drea, 35 – Fitness Consultant
  • Rocksroy, 44 – Stay-at-home Father
  • Romeo, 37 – Pageant Coach
  • Swati, 19 – Ivy League Student
  • Tori, 25 – Therapist

The Taku Tribe (wearing orange)

  • Jonathan, 29 – Beach Service Company Owner
  • Lindsay, 31 – Dietician
  • Maryanne, 24 – Seminary Student
  • Omar, 31 – Veterinarian

The Vati Tribe (wearing green)

  • Chanelle, 29 – Executive Recruiter
  • Daniel, 30 – Law Clerk
  • Hai, 29 – Data Scientist
  • Jenny, 43 – Creative Director
  • Lydia, 22 – Waitress
  • Mike, 58 – Retired Firefighter

Post-Tribal Wrap Up

Lindsay is feeling good that everyone worked together at Tribal, but is a little nervous because Maryanne has an extra vote.

Wait, what?

CUT TO: Maryanne telling the entire tribe that she has an extra vote.

Meanwhile, in an adorable suburb an hour west of Philadelphia, a “Survivor” press member bangs his head against his coffee table.


Anywho, the whole tribe decides to look for the idol as a group. Maryanne tells us she should be good at this because she’s seen every episode of “Survivor” except for six episodes of “Survivor: Tocantins.” Hmm…she probably couldn’t bear to see Tyson Apostol get voted out. I get it.

And, she does it. Maryanne discovers the Beware Advantage. She cracks it open and her phrase is, “It’s another classic case of the bunny rabbit having dinner in the mailbox.”

At Vati Beach

Daniel breaks down the tribe dynamics. It looks like we’re dealing with three pairs; Mike and Jenny, Hai and Lydia, and Daniel and Chanelle. And, since Mike shared his idol info with Daniel, I’m going to assume that Hai and Lydia are on the outs.

And apparently, I assumed wrong as Daniel was thinking of targeting Mike to kill his idol. But, the fine print of the document says the idol will attain its full power if all three idols aren’t found by the merge. So, that’d leave his tribe without an idol.

Oh, and Daniel almost lost the idol when Mike was letting him peruse the documents. That’d be a tough one to come back from.

Immunity Challenge Time: Teams will retrieve a ladder from the bottom of the ocean. They’ll use it to get a key. They’ll use the key to unlock sandbags. The first team to toss their sandbags onto five targets will win immunity and their choice of tools or fruit. The second team will win immunity and less tools or fruit.

Before things get underway, Maryanne tells a long story about a bunny rabbit and a mailbox. Nobody seems phased by this. Maybe that’s the benefit of being a ball of energy, that phrase didn’t seem weird coming from her at all.

Sitting Out: Romeo, Lydia, and Daniel

Result: Wow, the waves were just pounding them. Jonathan singlehandedly retrieved his ladder and dragged his teammates along. Then he tossed the bags on all five of the targets before the other tribes had even retrieved their key. Amazing performance.

Both of the remaining tribes are just being violently tossed about. Eventually, Probst has no choice but to stop the challenge.

The decision is made to retrieve their keys for them and start from the beach. (Ooo…this is like when the Phillies won the World Series when they played the end of a rain delayed game.)

Result Part Deux: Ika wins immunity when Drea hit the last shot for her team.

Added Twist: Taku gets to choose one person from Vati to send on a journey, they choose Chanelle. They also get to choose a second person from either their tribe or Ika. They go with Omar.

The Island of Excessive Advantages

Omar and Chanelle both seem to know what they’re getting into. And Chanelle makes it clear that she’s going to need her vote. They seem to bond well enough and agree that if they both can’t get a reward, then they’ll play it safe.

They’re met with the same prisoner’s dilemma. However, Omar thinks Chanelle will play it safe and Chanelle thinks Omar want her to be have an advantage.

So, Omar risks his vote and…Chanelle risks hers! No votes for anyone!

Pre-Tribal Politicking

The early talk around camp is that Mike and Jenny will partner with Chanelle and Daniel to vote out Lydia. Since Mike has no vote, it should go down three to two. But, Mike is wary of Daniel. Well, good thing you’re telling him all of your secrets.

We see Daniel having a chat with Lydia and Hai. Hai wants to target Jenny and the others seem to go along with it. We don’t see Daniel betraying Mike’s trust about the idol, so I don’t have a reason to believe he’s really working with them.

Sure enough, Daniel returns to Mike and Jenny and tells them Lydia and Hai’s plan.

When Chanelle returns, she tells Daniel that she might not have a vote. But, she has a good solution; get Lydia and Hai to split the vote.

Tribal Time

A very interesting Tribal tonight. Not so much by what is said, but in that Hai seems to be watching everyone. In particular he seems to catch Chanelle saying “Lydia” to Daniel. Which honestly, why would she need to do that?

Voting Time: Chanelle lost her vote, Mike lost his vote, and no other votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an advantage and…nobody does.

OK, we’ve got one vote for Lydia, one vote for Jenny, one vote for Lydia, and another vote for Jenny. Tie vote.

Voting Time Part Deux: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns again. We’ve got one vote for Jenny and one vote for Lydia. A second tie vote!

Quick Aside: Hai is confused as to why there are so few votes. Don’t worry, you’ll understand in Fall of 2021.

Tie Breaker: The tribe has to come to a unanimous vote or they will draw rocks. And, because Mike and Chanelle can’t vote. They have to convince Hai or Daniel to switch their votes.

Daniel starts it off by saying he does not want to go to rocks. He then claims that he was voting on Chanelle’s behalf and will switch his vote to Jenny if she wants. Chanelle does not love that he’s putting things on her.

Then, Hai lets it be known that he won’t change his vote because he wants to protect his ally. Welp, now it’s all on you, Daniel.

Ooof…Daniel and Chanelle keep going at it to the point where he accuses her of backstabbing him.

Hai asks Daniel to prove that he wants to work with him by changing his vote. And, Daniel does. He changes his vote to Jenny.

The fourth person eliminated from “Survivor 42” is…Jenny.

Verdict: Wow, so much had to go wrong for poor Jenny to go home. And it all went wrong. Two of her allies lost their votes. Then, Hai caught Chanelle communicating with Daniel when they BOTH ALREADY KNEW THE PLAN!

Jenny, you have my sympathy.

So much bad gameplay, but easily the best episode of this season.

  • Hai – You picked out what was going on at Tribal and saved your ally. Now Daniel has no choice but to stick with you. Honestly, you might be better working with Mike and Chanelle. So many options!
  • Jonathan – Challenge machine! Super impressed.
  • Lydia – You had a foot out the door and were able to talk your way back into it. Well done.
  • Chanelle – You knew how important the next vote was and you still gambled. Then you were busted whispering the target’s name.
  • Maryanne – It was Marya or you last week. So now, it’s just you.  Keep your advantages quiet.
  • Mike – You have no vote and the guy you backed flipped sooooo quickly.
  • Omar – You and Chanelle had all the time in the world to figure things out and you both blew it.
  • Daniel – You could’ve gotten through that without throwing Chanelle under the bus. Honestly, I’m still not sure why you went that route.
  • Romeo, Rocksroy, Drea, Swati, Tori, and Lindsay – I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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