“Survivor 42” Episode 7 Recap – Approach the Bench

“Survivor 42” (CBS)

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Last Week: A bunch of stuff happened that didn’t matter, then Rocksroy broke a trinket. In the end, Lydia was left Hai and dry.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Kula Kula Tribe (wearing purple)

  • Chanelle, 29 – Executive Recruiter
  • Drea, 35 – Fitness Consultant
  • Hai, 29 – Data Scientist
  • Jonathan, 29 – Beach Service Company Owner
  • Lindsey, 31 – Dietician
  • Maryanne, 24 – Seminary Student
  • Mike, 58 – Retired Firefighter
  • Omar, 31 – Veterinarian
  • Rocksroy, 44 – Stay-at-home Father
  • Romeo, 37 – Pageant Coach
  • Tori, 25 – Therapist

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

Oh…apparently we’re the Kula Kula tribe now. Whose mother’s backwards name is that?

Mike gives us a post-game recap, letting us know that Tori, Chanelle, Romeo, and Maryanne are on the outs. Cool, but why did Rocksroy vote for Lindsey?!

Hai and Chanelle have it out, with Hai promising not to leave her in the dark again. Like Lydia?!

Romeo and Drea throw down as well, with Drea not liking how paranoid Romeo has gotten after the merge. Yeah, why be paranoid when your alliance runs off without you?

Maryanne realizes she’s on the bottom of her tribe and starts to take it personally. Aww…Maryanne. I’ll be your ride-or-die.

The next morning, Omar gives a truly interested Mike an introduction course in Islam. See this show can still be great.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will randomly draw rocks and be divided into two teams. They’ll leap into the water and maneuver buoys through obstacles. The first team to shoot those buoys into a basket will win peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and various accoutrements.

Before the tribe shows up, Probst tells us that there’s a Beware Advantage hidden under the sit-out bench.

Maryanne pulls the odd rock, but Drea wants to sit out because she doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly. I’d do the same thing if the challenge was tomato-centric.

Teams: The orange team is Lindsey, Hai, Omar, Romeo, and Maryanne. The blue team is Jonathan, Chanelle, Mike, Rocksroy, and Tori.

Result: Jonathan wrecked the shooting portion, coming from behind to defeat the orange team and win reward. Also, Drea found and retrieved the Beware Advantage.

Omar’s Alliances

Omar is feeling good coming off of the challenge because he performed well even though he didn’t defeat Mount Jonathan. He also tells us that not only is he in the core alliance, but he also has side alliances with everyone who is on the outs.

Fortunately, that never goes wrong.


One thing he has working in his favor is the fact that everyone knew he didn’t have a vote last time, so they have no idea that he was driving the ship. Fascinating.

In other news; Drea’s Beware Advantage is hidden by the water well. She just has to kinda go get it? Wait, why’s that so scary?

Oh! When she reaches in a hole to retrieve it, she gets red dye all over her hands! LaDrea MacBeth!

Anywho, she’s allowed to steal someone’s idol. Hopefully this goes better for her than it does Liana. Also, she has like 40 advantages at this point. They should provide her with a second bag.

Tori notices the paint on her arm and is worried that it’s blood. Drea explains that it’s paint from the new tribe flag. Buuut…there’s no paint on the new tribe flag. Aaand it seems like there’s something in Drea’s pants.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will balance on a perch while holding a buoy between handles. Last person standing wins immunity.

A lotta buoy this episode. Must’ve been a sale at the Fijian Wal-Mart.

Before things get underway, Probst tells us that they’re going to offer portions of rice to get people to sit out. He says he’s going to try to get six people, but he’ll settle for four. His negotiating skills are still better than Daniel’s.

Sure enough, they haggle back and forth and settle on four. Maryanne says she’ll sit out, but she doesn’t like doing it because she knows she’s on the outs. This seems to lure Omar into agreeing to sit against his better judgment. Lindsey and Drea will sit out as well.

Result: It comes down to Chanelle, Tori, and Jonathan with Tori picking up her second win.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Chanelle, Maryanne, and Romeo are the early picks, with Chanelle being the clear frontrunner. Mike, in particular, wants her gone for throwing a vote his way before the merge.

However, the fake-out vote is Romeo. I’m sure he’ll be cool with that. Sure enough, Romeo goes into partial freak out mode and half convinces Omar to flip the vote toward Romeo.

But, Mike is putting some serious resistance on the new plan because he wants Chanelle gone.

Also, in a weird throwaway bit, Rocksroy is telling Tori voting information. What?!

Tribal Time

Jonathan starts thing off by saying that he won’t vote for any of the four people who sat out.

Romeo thinks the alliance is unified, but they won’t be forever. Hai counters by saying people who are stressing out and spreading misinformation are not in the group. They also can’t sit with them in the lunch room.

Then everyone participates in a confusing car analogy that I’m not even going to try to replicate here.

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an advantage and…nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Hai, one vote for Romeo, one vote for Chanelle, one vote for Romeo, one vote for Chanelle, one vote for Romeo, three votes for Chanelle, and the eighth person voted out of “Survivor 42” and the first member of the jury is…Chanelle.

Verdict: I have to admit that I was shocked when I saw how many advantages Drea has. If you count the Shot in the Dark, it’s five.


Five advantages for a single person. That’s not a tool, it’s a damn Swiss Army knife.

And honestly, if you put a gun to my head I’m not positive I could tell you who has every other trinket.

That said, I am really enjoying this cast. Classic beefcake in Jonathan, classic curmudgeon in Rocksroy, great strategists, interesting characters…I’m here for them.

  • Omar – Running the show and a challenge threat?! Rock friggin’ star!
  • Drea – Five advantages and some of them are still a secret. Don’t hate the player…
  • Jonathan – There’s a very real chance that they could keep you around for too long. And if they do, you’re likable enough to take this whole thing.
  • Mike – You’re just too lovable to stick around for long. And, the need to get rid of Chanelle immediately seemed short-sighted.
  • Hai – No need to spar verbally with Romeo if there was a chance he was going to stick around.
  • Maryanne – Sympathy seems to be your play now, but nobody wants to take a sympathetic person to the end. I think your idol is destined for Drea’s pocket.
  • Romeo – Yeah, you’re still here. But your frantic scramble game is troublesome.
  • Tori – You just can’t seem to do anything without upsetting someone.
  • Lindsey and Rocksroy – I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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