“Survivor 43” Episode 2 Recap – Bead Aggressive

“Survivor 43” (CBS)

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Last Week: Cody had a challenge strategy that was fire, Dwight’s vote was gambled and lost, and Morriah was rainb-owned.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Baka Tribe (wearing yellow)

  • Elie, 31 – Clinical Psychologist
  • Jeanine, 24 – UX Developer
  • Gabler, 52 – Heart Valve Specialist
  • Owen, 30 – College Admissions Director
  • Sami, 19 – Pet Cremator

The Coco Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Cassidy, 26 – Designer
  • Geo, 36 – Project Manager
  • James, 37 – Event Planner
  • Karla, 28 – Educational Project Manager
  • Lindsay, 42 – Pediatric Nurse
  • Ryan, 25 – Warehouse Associate

The Vesi Tribe (wearing red)

  • Cody, 35 – Elevator Sales
  • Dwight, 22 – Graduate Student
  • Jesse, 30 – Political Science, PhD
  • Justine, 29 – Cyber Security Sales
  • Noelle, 25 – US Paralympian
  • Nneka, 43 – Pharmacist

Post-Tribal Wrap-Up

Back-a at Baka, Owen did not love hearing his name bounced around, but the fact that everyone voted the way they were supposed to makes him feel better.

Gabler thinks it’s important that they find some food. Good instincts, buddy.

He comes up with the idea of frying up some worms like they’re bacon. Ooof…don’t sully the good name of bacon.

Unfortunately, the physical portion of the game is getting the best of our elderly heart valve specialist and he’s having to lie down while the tribe is repairing the shelter.

We spend some time getting to know everyone with Owen telling us that his friends call him a “lovable curmudgeon” and they’ll be super impressed with how well he’s been able to hide that up until this point. Up until day four?!

Elie does some idol hunting and totally misses it! What’s it like for her to watch that way after the fact? And to say these are “hidden” immunity idols might be bit of a stretch.

Anywho, she compares her relationships with Sami and Owen as Sami is like her older child who can go off on his own and Owen is her younger child that needs attention. Lovable, baby boy, curmudgeon.

Sami is worried that Elie and Jeanine are getting too close, so he pulls Owen and Gabler into a bro trio.

At Vesi Beach

Dwight and Jesse are bonding during an advantage hunt, with Jesse going so far as to refer to him as his “Island Wife.” I get it, I have a whole office harem.

One matter of concern for Dwight is the fact that he never talks game with Cody. He shares this gripe with Jesse, which might be problematic because Jesse and Cody are tight.

Jesse is having issues of his own as Justine is annoying him. We’re then treated to a montage of Justine being freaked out by bugs. Wow, did she sign up for the wrong show.

Also, Cody shows off the tattoo on his posterior that says, “Livin.” That’s inspiring, unless it’s to cover up a break-up with Liv.

At Camp Coco

Oh boy, there’s some kind of island yoga/stretching going on. That would be my downfall. I wouldn’t be able to participate in that kind of thing without rolling my eyes.

Karla discusses the main alliance she has going on with Lindsay, Cassidy, and James. But, Ryan and Geo thinks she’s working with them.

We get to know Geo a little better and he tells us about how poorly his parents reacted to his coming out. Heartbreaking.

Immunity Challenge Time: The tribes will dive into the ocean and then climb into a large cage. They’ll then have to pull a large, heavy snake out of the cage and bring it to shore. From there they’ll use number tiles open a lock to release a puzzle piece. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle will win immunity. The first tribe will receive a big fishing kit. The second tribe will score a smaller kit.

Sitting Out: Karla and Noelle

Result: Baka claimed first place with Coco right behind them. Vesi was kind of a train wreck with Probst actively calling them out. Nneka in particular seemed to have a lot of problems.

To the Winners Go the Fishing Gear

Jeanine is over the moon that they won and now have the ability to catch actual food.

There’s some debate over how to use the Hawaiian sling. And I guarantee you, if I could figure it out and catch something, (ahem, which I did) anybody can.

Elie is very worried that the spear will fly off of Gabler’s hand and be lost forever. But the springy band catches on your wrist. Gabler will be fine.

There’s some confusion as to how long Gabler’s idol will protect him. Yeah, agreed. We need full terms and conditions. Jeanine digs through his bag to get some clarity and sure enough it’s for Gabler’s first two Tribal Councils.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Yup…as suspected, Nneka is an early target due to her challenge performance. But, Cody vows to have her back.

The early plan is for Justine, Noelle, and Jesse to split their votes between Nneka and Cody in case shots are made in the dark.

However, Jesse doesn’t trust Justine because she’s a SALESPERSON! Bye bye, Russell seeds. Helloooo, Cody seeds!

Later, Jesse tries to bring Dwight in as his number two, but he’s very concerned that Dwight is too tight with the women.

Cody goes on a little idol hunt before Tribal and finds a beware advantage, like, way out in the open. They weren’t even trying to hide this thing.

OK, get this; the way it works is it’s an immunity bracelet. In order for the bracelet to have any power, the player must get each member of his or her tribe to hand over a specific bead that’s attached to their bags. The beads cannot be taken, they must be given freely. And, until the bracelet is powered, the player doesn’t have a vote.

Cody, surely you saw 41 and 42. You knew opening that advantage was probably going to cost you your vote. Should’ve opened it after Tribal.

My Thoughts: Aside from Cody’s super questionable move of opening the advantage before Tribal, I like this method of powering the idol way more than the challenge quotes. The quotes guaranteed that everyone across every tribe would know who had what. But beads? Why would anyone ever think that was a way to change the game? It’s so stupid it’s brilliant. In future seasons you’re going to have to question every conceivable interaction.

Cody tells Jesse what’s up and Jesse is blown away by Cody’s questionable move. Jesse and Nneka surrender their beads freely. Then, Cody tries to convince the others to donate their beads to his special Tribal hat. Justine offers hers and Nneka peer pressures Dwight into giving his up. Noelle, on the other hand, has already used her beads as a bracelet.

Tribal Time

Justine breaks things down that her and Noelle are close, Nneka and Cody are a duo, and Dwight and Jesse are probably a unit.

Other than that, things are mega vague.

Voting Time: Noelle votes for Nneka, Nneka votes for Justine, and the rest of the votes are lost to the magic of editing.

Probst tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to use an advantage and…nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Justine, one vote for Nneka, one vote for Cody, one vote for Justine, and the second person voted out of “Survivor 43” is…Justine.

Quick Aside: We learned (via flashback) that Cody did receive all the beads he needed before Tribal.

Verdict: I was worried a ninety-minute episode would be twist-a-rama. But instead we really got to learn more about these people. Loving it.

And am I wrong in thinking that nobody is terrible? Usually you have a few people who have no chance of taking home the prize. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the remaining sixteen won this thing.

  • Jesse – Talk about holding all the cards. Everyone (except Noelle, probably) is in his corner. He knows all the secrets, he controls the votes.
  • Nneka – The challenge was bad news, but everything you did after was gold.
  • Karla – It seems like she has her choice of allies over at Coco. Not a bad place to be if you don’t overplay it.
  • Cody – OK, good on you for getting the idol to full power, but how on Earth do you open it before a key Tribal knowing your vote is critical and it’s possible the idol won’t be worth anything until after the next immunity challenge?
  • Dwight – You need Jesse a lot more than he needs you. Do a better job aligning with his strategy.
  • Sami – Being proactive with the other guys is probably a good move this early, but I wouldn’t consider it anything permanent.
  • Geo and James – I love you guys as a pair, I just don’t see Karla choosing you over the trio.
  • Elie and Jeanine – The big worry about voting out Morriah may come true now that the guys have the numbers.
  • Owen – Being described as the kid that needs more attention isn’t the worst. But, it’s not great.
  • Gabler – The tired guy on a tribe that’s booting people over challenge prowess? That’s a bad look.
  • Noelle – You were blindsided and the other four seem really close. You need a challenge winning streak.
  • Cassidy, James, and Lindsay, –  I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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