“Survivor 43” Episode 5 Recap – Who Is Geo Targeting?

“Survivor 43” (CBS)

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Last Week: Elie butted heads with Gabler, Elie’s alliance could be stable-er, and Lindsay’s was paranoid and Karla wouldn’t enable her.

39 26 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Baka Tribe (wearing yellow)

  • Elie, 31 – Clinical Psychologist
  • Jeanine, 24 – UX Developer
  • Gabler, 52 – Heart Valve Specialist
  • Owen, 30 – College Admissions Director
  • Sami, 19 – Pet Cremator

The Coco Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Cassidy, 26 – Designer
  • Geo, 36 – Project Manager
  • James, 37 – Event Planner
  • Karla, 28 – Educational Project Manager
  • Ryan, 25 – Warehouse Associate

The Vesi Tribe (wearing red)

  • Cody, 35 – Elevator Sales
  • Dwight, 22 – Graduate Student
  • Jesse, 30 – Political Science, PhD
  • Noelle, 25 – US Paralympian

Post-Tribal Wrap-Up

Cassidy breaks down what happened, saying that Lindsay’s paranoia is what did her in. She says that Ryan and Geo were brought in on the vote at the last minute and she’s still a little shaken that she received a vote.

Ryan wants to take Cassidy aside to talk to her, but he isn’t the one who voted for her. It was Geo. So, Geo and Cassidy go for a walk where Geo proceeds to through Ryan right under the bus saying that the vote was his idea.

Also, Geo is trying to figure out who voted for him even though it was clear as day that it was Lindsay. He’s also positive that he’s on top of the tribe. Oh Geo…

At Baka Beach

Elie sends Jeanine to look at a very suspicious tree. She refers to it as a “singing tree.” And sure enough, Jeanine uncovers her tribe’s beware advantage.  Jeanine is a little nervous about opening it, but Elie assures her that Gabler is going next and they won’t need her vote. Yes, and Geo is on top of his tribe too.

As Elie and Jeanine decide that they shouldn’t tell Owen, Owen walks by. Wah wah…

Owen is torn between keeping Jeanine from finishing her idol and voting her out, or working with the women against Gabler and Sami. He eventually decides to hand over his beads.

Later on, Elie tells Sami about the beware advantage. He pretends to be happy about it, but he clearly is not. But how can you not forfeit your beads now that they’ve opened up to you?

Gabler is happy to share his many beads, but not the specific one Jeanine needs. Jeanine tries to get it, but he’s already been making bracelets for his daughters. However, Jeanine is eventually able to swap for the one she wants.

Sami lets Gabler know what all of that bead business was about, and as you’d imagine, Gabler is not pleased.

Quick Aside: I tell ya, this twist is going to have everyone on their toes about everything going forward.

Reward Challenge Time: Four tribe members will be tied together and work their way through a series of obstacles. They’ll then fill a bucket with water and carry it over a giant teeter-totter. They’ll then dump the water into a bucket. Once their bucket is full it will open a gate. The first tribe to roll three balls onto a small, flat platform will win immunity and a big ol’ tarp. The second tribe will get immunity and a regular ol’ tarp. The third tribe just gets to go to Tribal.

Sitting Out: Karla for Coco, Gabler for Baka

Result: Coco is the first tribe to lower their gate with Vesi right behind them. Dwight claims first place for Vesi, then Sami takes second for Baka. Ryan had two balls in place, but accidentally knocked them all off.

Vesi is allowed to send one person from each tribe on a journey. They go with Geo, Jeanine, and Jesse.

As the tribes are heading out, Ryan tells us that he threw the challenge on purpose to get rid of Cassidy. Yeah, I throw every game I lose too.

Ryan’s Lying

Ryan again makes the point that he threw the challenge to get rid of Cassidy, and he asks James to tell Cassidy that he’ll be going home. Ryan even goes so far as to ask Karla not to talk strategy with him in the hopes of hammering home the point that he’s the target.

Cassidy is blown away that Ryan is comfortable enough to throw his own name out there. Yup, that is confidence. Or just regular dense.

James assures her that they can vote three to two against Geo. However, Cassidy is a little concerned that Geo could gain a little something something at the island of excessive advantages.

Later on, Ryan tries out his acting chops by trying to convince Cassidy that he knows he’s going home and she should vote for him so she’s on the right side of the vote. And when they’re back home they should hang out with his wife, Morgan Fairchild.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

(How’s that for dating myself?)

The Island of Excessive Advantages

The trio is taken to a pontoon and told to row a boat toward a distant island. During the trip, Geo makes it seem like he’s in danger, although he knows he’s not. (Although, he totallllly is.)

Geo insists that he’ll be risking his vote, but Jeanine isn’t sure if she trusts him.

They make their decisions with all three going for it. Now we’re talking!

Back at camp, Jesse is honest about risking his vote. He cracks his shell open and…there’s no advantage.

Jeanine admits she risked her vote and lost it as well.

Oh, so good news for Geo. He tells his tribe that he did not risk his vote, but then immediately tells Karla what really happened.

He cracks it open and receives a knowledge-is-power advantage. Before the votes are read, he’s allowed to ask a player if they have an advantage or if they have an idol. If the answer is “yes,” they need to hand it over.

Geo makes the point that nobody has used this advantage correctly before. Well, then it’s a good thing you told the person most threatened by the knowledge-is-power advantage about your knowledge-is-power advantage.

Sure enough, Karla wants to make an immediate move against Geo. But, Cassidy still wants Ryan gone because votes are going her way. This makes Karla worry that Cassidy is turning into Lindsay 2.0.

Tribal Time

Ryan again takes blame for losing the challenge with Probst quipping that he literally dropped the ball.

Oh, Jeffrey.

The rest is very vague with Geo pretending that he doesn’t know how the others are going to vote. Although, he probably doesn’t know how they’re really going to vote.

Voting Time: Geo votes for Cassidy, Cassidy claims she put blanks in someone’s gun and she has the real bullets, and the rest of the votes are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol or an advantage and…nobody does.

We’ve got two votes for Cassidy, two votes for Geo, and the fifth person voted out of “Survivor 43” is…Geo.

Sooo…knowledge is power is cursed, right?

Verdict: Has this season hit a wall? Are we suffering from a lack of real villains?

Is this group too nice? I haven’t had a single negative thing said during exit press word association. I haven’t had to bleep a single swear.

Even the people who are annoying or are sneaky are still likable people. Gabler’s heart is clearly in the right place and Cody is more of a lovable scamp than a villain.

Everybody knows part of the reason that Hulk Hogan was so loved was because Roddy Piper was so hated.  Would Rupert Boneham have been a cultural icon without Jonny Fairplay?

And villains are fun to watch. “Boston” Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine…all on the villains tribe.

Hopefully the upcoming merge will help spice things up.

  • Karla – She’s so smooth. She probably lost Ryan, but headed into the merge she’s got a solid trio and a secret idol. (Until the beads thing inevitably leaks).
  • James – Kayla and James are just a killer duo. I expect big things from them.
  • Sami – He’s running the show and Elie and Jeanine don’t suspect a thing.
  • Owen – Holding onto your bead would have caused a mess that you don’t need at this point. Good call.
  • Jesse – Yeah, you lost your vote, but you’re still running the show over at Vesi.
  • Cassidy – Karla and James are so quick to consider other options. I’d be scared to death to be in an alliance with them.
  • Jeanine – An idol. Hooray! Losing a vote. Boo! Being Elie’s right hand who thinks they’re running the show? Uh oh…
  • Ryan – And the Razzie goes to… You need a merge more than anyone.
  • Elie – You’re so confident. My hope for you was that an ally would get taken out to wake you up, but now that ally has an idol.
  • Gabler – You seem like a nice guy, but it feels like you’re out there blowing in the wind without a clue.
  • Cody, Dwight, and Noelle –  I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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