“Survivor” Castaway Carl – “(Gabby and I) Had a Great Relationship, I’m Not Sure Where It Fell Apart”

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: The godfather!
Carl Boudreaux: Yeah…yeah…that’s the new name, right?
Holmes: When you were out there, did you realize that’s how you were being viewed or was it a surprise when you watched the show?
Boudreaux: I had multiple conversations with everyone. They didn’t show it in the beginning that I was playing the game, but the whole time I was always playing the game. I was in the background, I wasn’t blatantly all over everywhere scrambling. I was always in communications with everyone.
Holmes: So, was it a surprise that you were portrayed as bossing people around?
Boudreaux: It was definitely surprising. I was blindsided. I wasn’t ever really bossing anyone around. I’m a straightforward guy. When I talk to you, I’m going to talk to you. I’m going to look you straight in the face and let you know how I feel. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. So, for her to take it like I was bossing her around, I’d have to disagree with that. That’s just not who I am. Me being an older guy and Gabby being a younger lady, I guess it just came off that way.

Holmes: In hindsight, were there any clues that your number was up last night?
Boudreaux: No, it definitely was a blindside. As the Davids, we were all together. We fought so hard to get the numbers, just for Gabby and Christian to flip on me. It was totally out of left field. Me, Davie, Nick, we weren’t expecting that at all.
Holmes: I’m assuming you, Davie, and Nick had some kind of final three deal?
Boudreaux: My dream final three, because we made a pact, was me, Davie and Nick. Our big thing was, we get to the final three, then may the best man win. I’d be happy with it being Davie or Nick. I would’ve been upset because I wanted to win myself, but if either one of them won, I’d be OK.
Holmes: Christian seems like a huge threat. Had you, Davie, and Nick made a plan for when you were going to pull the trigger?
Boudreaux: Oh, absolutely. We were trying to get those numbers. If we take out Alison, then we have a five/three. And then, we would have taken out either Gabby or Christian and then work from there. But we always wanted to have the numbers as far as the Davids go.

Holmes: We saw a lot of the Gabby feud last night. How did things progress from day one to when she helped send you home?
Boudreaux: It was kinda crazy to me because me and Gabby slept next to each other every single night in the shelter. Me and Gabby looked out for one another. She made sure I had a cover or I was as comfortable as I could be. We had a great relationship, I’m not sure where it fell apart. She was very emotional, that’s just who she is. I thought we had one of the best working relationships.
Holmes: She had a problem with you telling Kara about the Alec vote. What made you feel comfortable enough with Kara to bring her into that situation?
Boudreaux: Kara and I had talked when we were on Vuku Beach and she was disappointed when Alec had gotten rid of Natalia. So, Kara kept saying that she wanted to work with me and Davie and I thought that could start taking place. And, she kind of, sort of did because the Alec vote was unanimous. So, I thought, maybe we are starting to work with one another. I was comfortable enough to let her know and keep her in the loop. So, when Gabby walked in on us talking, she didn’t know what was being said, and it went from there.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. Let’s start with Nick.
Boudreaux: Savvy.
Holmes: Mike?
Boudreaux: Quiet.
Holmes: Pat?
Boudreaux: Rough around the edges.
Holmes: Elizabeth?
Boudreaux: Hard worker.
Holmes: John?
Boudreaux: Very charismatic.
Holmes: Alison?
Boudreaux: Very well spoken.
Holmes: Alec?
Boudreaux: Oh, he’s cool.
Holmes: Dan?
Boudreaux: Cocky.
Holmes: Lyrsa?
Boudreaux: Funny.
Holmes: Bi?
Boudreaux: She’s very cool.
Holmes: Jessica?
Boudreaux: Sweet.
Holmes: Kara?
Boudreaux: That’s a good one…I can say so many good things…she’s a sweetheart.
Holmes: Angelina?
Boudreaux: Definitely a sweetheart. Very smart.
Holmes: Christian?
Boudreaux: (Laughs) Of course, the smartest.
Holmes: Gabby?
Boudreaux: Cool, but very emotional.
Holmes: Let’s finish of with Davie.
Boudreaux: Davie? That’s my brother.

Holmes: Angelina negotiated with Jeff Probst to get more rice, and there was this weird kind of vibe around the edit like people didn’t approve of what she was doing. There was a specific line where Mike said that he thinks she’s right, but she’s still aggravating. What was the mood around the rest of the tribe as far as that move went?
Boudreaux: Everybody was pretty much for it. We talked about it before it took place. We thought, “Sure, what do we have to lose?” All he could tell us was yes or no. So, we thought she should go for it. We didn’t know he was going to ask somebody to sit out of the challenge. But yeah, everybody was cool with it.

Holmes: How many beers were consumed at Ponderosa the night you were voted out? I just spoke to Alec and he gave me a rough estimate.
Boudreaux: (Laughs) I’d say me and Alec put a few back. Probably about ten to twelve beers.
Holmes: And that’s not coming from a place of judgment, because the “Survivor” crew can tell you I’ve had a few beers in Fiji.
Boudreaux: I love beer, man! What grown man that works hard every day doesn’t want to come home and drink a few beers, you know?

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