“Survivor” Castaway Chelsea – “It Was a Stupid Move That Makes Absolutely No Sense”

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Good morning, Chelsea. How’s it going?

Chelsea Walker: Um…I’ve been better.

Holmes: Aww…did something happen? Why would you possibly be down?

Walker: I have no idea. Because I’m playing with a bunch of clowns? (Laughs) I’m not bitter, but I don’t know what happened. A lot of time they leave out some important info about how a person was voted out, but in my case they left no info out. It happened last second. I still don’t agree with it. I’m a fan, I’m a pretty logical person, and if they got me I can pat them on the back and say “Good job. That was a good move.” But I stand firmly that it was a stupid move that makes absolutely no sense. People really want to blindside people and make a move for the sake of a move. It was not the right time just before a swap.

Holmes: The justification seemed to be that you and Dean were becoming a couple. Were you and Dean actually becoming a couple? Did you treat him any differently than the rest of the tribe?

Walker: Dean wasn’t a showmance. I know the classic “Survivor” rule about whoever you’re sleeping next to, but that was one night. Dean was doing the same with Elizabeth, he was spooning with Karishma. And I was the big spoon. If I’m showmancing someone, I’m going to be the little spoon. It’s just crazy to me because Elaine and Tom  were super tight since day one. Elizabeth and Missy were attached at the hip. Closer than me and Dean ever were. Perception is reality out there, so shame on me for not recognizing it. The thing is, early on…day five…me, Dean, Aaron, Elizabeth, and Missy were in a secret alliance. The fact that they were still going after us when they were aligned with us makes no sense. Aaron was aligned with Dean and me. Even if he has no resume, his resume sucks, he shouldn’t go after you before a swap. It doesn’t make sense. And I know Missy said Karishma was a vote for her, but me and Dean were two votes for her. Missy…she was definitely closer to Elizabeth, but I felt like Missy and Elizabeth were my closest people out there. It hurts for sure. By taking me out, you blindside Dean and you lose me. You keep Karishma who is very much going to flip. You’re going into the swap with seven strong, and now it’s five. Logically I don’t understand. Horrible gameplay, even if I wasn’t the victim of it.

Holmes: You’re applying logic to a system that is not always logical.

Walker: That is true! (Laughs) That’s the problem with “Survivor.” My strategy was to play on the assumption that everyone else was making their best move. That’s why I never even thought to play my idol. Based off what they’ve seen, they think it’s a good move for Aaron…but I was aligned with him. I don’t get it.

Holmes: Did anyone try to tip you off at any point that there were whispers about a showmance?

Walker: No. People might say me going home for a showmance was my downfall, but I guess my bonds weren’t as strong as I had thought they were. That’s totally on me. I felt super close to Missy and Elizabeth, I felt close with Elaine. But, it clearly wasn’t reciprocated because my name was being thrown out and if I had any inclination I would have played my idol. I was completely in the dark.

Holmes: We do a “Survivor” Power Rankings here, and I had you so high because I thought you were golden.

Walker: I know! And you gave me A’s both weeks! I thought I was playing a good game. I wanted to be under the radar. And a simple move might not make good TV, but sometimes a simple move is the right move. I don’t know why every single vote needs to be a blindside. I thought I was making solid alliances and the game doesn’t really even start until a swap or the merge. This may sound naïve, but I feel like I didn’t get to play the game.

Holmes: You got two As in my recaps. Your “Survivor” GPA is a 4.0.

Walker: (Laughs)

Holmes: Did anyone know about your idol?

Walker: I didn’t tell anyone about my idol. I was saving it for the swap because we would likely be in a minority.

Holmes: Smart. Did they let you keep it or did they ship it right off to Ghost Island?

Walker: After I got voted out I was in so much shock, I had no idea what happened. I thought they went through my bag and found my idol. So, I held it up and said, “Do I at least get to keep this?” And they were like, “We’re going to have to take that back.”

Holmes: Oh man, that’s eBay gold.

Walker: Right?!

Holmes: I need some help understanding Karishma’s injury. I can’t believe that people didn’t comfort her or offer her assistance at some point. You’re not a bunch of (expletive deleted).

Walker: We checked on her. Doctor Jill eventually came in.

Holmes: I thought so.

Walker: I will say, Karishma was very dramatic and we were all very annoyed with her leading up to the finger cut. OK, I probably was an (expletive deleted), but I didn’t just leave her on the ground. (Laughs)

Holmes: You weren’t a total (expletive deleted), just partial.

Walker: We definitely checked!

Holmes: Alright, it’s word associatin’ time. Let’s start with the love of your life Dean.

Walker: (Laughs) He was the purple king and this point he’s who I’m rooting for. The showmance isn’t real. I’m all about his air time though.

Holmes: Elaine?

Walker: Sia money, and well deserved. She is kind, truly one of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Holmes: Tom?

Walker: Grasshopper.

Holmes: Ronnie?

Walker: He has a sweet heart…a soft soul. It’s a shame he was the first vote. You hear a name and you jump at it. I’d be in a psych ward if I was voted out first.

Holmes: Elizabeth?

Walker: She is a ray full of sunshine with an incredible laugh. She is an amazing human.

Holmes: Aaron?

Walker: Overplaying…but has great socks.

Holmes: Karishma?

Walker: Should have been her.

Holmes: Vince?

Walker: Axe man. He was really good with the axe.

Holmes: And let’s finish with Missy.

Walker: Man…she’s got a case of big-move-itis. And she’s a backstabber that’s playing too hard.

Holmes: I was loving this women’s alliance, but that fell apart with Karishma being on the outs and then your blindside. What’s really happened there?

Walker: The women’s alliance definitely was a thing, but we were still making bonds with other people. Missy was close with Aaron, Elaine was close with Tom, I was close with Dean…which was fine. But then we made a five-person alliance of me, Dean, Aaron, Missy, and Elizabeth on day five. That became my main alliance. And then once the Vince vote came along and we made Karishma the contingency plan, we knew we were totally losing her. And at that point, we were all very annoyed with her. If Vince played his idol and she went home I would have been OK with it. I never fully trusted her. You saw Vince was very annoyed with her never giving out a name and that’s how I felt too. There was a girl thing, but we lost Karishma with the split vote.

Holmes: For only being out there a couple of weeks, you really built yourself a kickass resume. You started fire, you found an idol, you had a 4.0 GPA. Was there anything else we didn’t see that you wish we had?

Walker: I started the fire…and Tom would call me the firebreather because I was the one that would always start it. Which, with the final four thing now, might not have been the smartest thing. It was funny, the guys still couldn’t start the fire. Also, I had an idol and since me, Dean, and Aaron were aligned, we’d go looking for idols and stay out the whole day to make it seem like I didn’t have one. I was always trying to throw people off the scent.

Holmes: Well done, firebreather.

Walker: It’s sad, there’s only so much you can do with eleven days. But, I’m happy with what I did.

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