“Survivor” Castaway Elaine: “I Wanted to Fill My Cup Up with Every ‘Survivor’ Experience”

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” (CBS)
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Gordon Holmes: How’s it going? Elaine Stott: It’s going, man. I’m a little hung over, so…it’s a little slow in the mind. Holmes: I’ve been there. Holmes: I’d like to get this out of the way first because I’d rather celebrate your time on the show. Obviously there’s going to be a dark cloud over this season with the controversy over what happened with Dan. Where are you with that situation? What is your takeaway? Stott: Ugh…man…that was heavy. Bro, first and foremost, I support Kellee and her truth. She’s a friend. I’m not trying to put anyone on blast. Who am I to put anyone on blast…especially being a little hungover. I might put my foot in my mouth or something.  This is some serious stuff and I don’t want to (expletive deleted) it up. Oh wait, can I cuss? Holmes: You can (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) all you want. Stott: (Laughs) That’s great. But, the stuff is super serious and I don’t want to say something out of bounds. Holmes: Last night’s Tribal got very emotional. How much of that was genuine and how much of it was trying to sway the voters? Stott: I’m 100% genuine most of the time. And when my emotions kick in there isn’t anything fake about that. I knew I was going. And when Jeff started asking me the personal stuff I just spoke my truth the only way I knew how. I know that it confirmed things for people, but they weren’t wavering so much that they were going to vote my way. So, I just told it like it was. Holmes: One of the things I loved about you time out there was when you were at the Island of the Idols, you talked about wanting the “Survivor” experience. And by that I mean, most people leave the game with a better outlook on life. Did you find that? Stott: Since I’ve watched the show I think I’ve done that. You open up, you learn, you grow, you change. I was completely open for all of that and then some. I wanted to fill my cup up with every “Survivor” experience I could imagine and get some of that growth. And I feel like I found that. For me it was amazing. Ignorance is bliss, and I was ignorant about a lot of the (expletive deleted) that was going down. So for me, I was on my Coach walk, that journey… Holmes: (Laughs) Stott: (Laughs) You know what I mean? I was all in on that. Holmes: The second to last Tribal, Dean outted Noura, Noura outted your idol. If Noura had kept quiet about the idol, would you have still played it? Stott: The people’s throat that I was just trying to cut were telling me not to play it. And so in my mind I was thinking they were trying to trick me. So, if she hadn’t said anything and things still blew up…I’m not sure, bro. Maybe I wouldn’t have? But, dude, I don’t know if I would’ve. I think in that situation you still play it. I gave myself three more days to make something happen. I wish I had it the next day, damnit, but at the same time, if I sat on it like Kellee or Vince and went home? That would’ve been my biggest fear. Holmes: You made the mistake of being super popular. Stott: (Laughs) Yeah! Holmes: How dare you! Why would you be so likable? So it seemed like you were on the bottom for most of the game. Was there anything we didn’t see where you could’ve formed a solid alliance that took you further? Stott: I had a lot of side conversations. I was always the last to get information. But, I was doing things before I got the info. When the whole thing went down with the block-a-vote stuff. When I got to the island I immediately bonded with Tommy and Lauren and started throwing Missy under the bus as fast as I could. Even though I was in their circle, I knew I was expendable. And another one, me and Noura cuddled during the night and I’d say, “Noura, you need to do something. You haven’t done (expletive deleted)!” There was stuff I was doing that didn’t make it, but it was little side convos and stuff you do on the down low. Holmes: It looks like Tommy’s running the show based on what we’re seeing. Was there no way to get them to turn on Tommy if he’s the top of the pyramid? Stott: Everybody thought Tommy was their guy. And I could see it sitting on the outside. Hell, I even saved him, but that was because I knew Missy was going to cut me. But everybody was looking at him like that. So…uh…I totally lost my train of thought…my dog is annoying. Holmes: Dude, I get distracted by dogs all the time. Stott: (Laughs) Yeah, everybody thought Tommy was sitting with them at the end. And Lauren and Tommy, they were like brother and sister. Tight as could be and everybody knew it. I knew you could never come at Tommy to Lauren. And the guys had a final three, don’t be so naïve to think you’re a part of that. And Lauren is so emotional that I knew it would strike a chord with her. And it did! Maybe if I had started that a week in advance. Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. Let’s start with Lauren. Stott: Love her. Holmes: Janet? Stott: Me in 20 years. Holmes: Karishma? Stott: Underdog. Holmes: Aaron? Stott: Competitor. Holmes: Ronnie? Stott: Slick. Holmes: Kellee? Stott: Super smart. Holmes: Jamal? Stott: I love Jamal. Eloquent. If I need something written, I’m calling you so you can write it out. You’ve got a way with words. It’s beautiful. Holmes: Missy? Stott: Fierce. Holmes: Chelsea? Stott: That’s my homegirl. Holmes: Tom? Stott: My dad! I love him. Holmes: Jason? Stott: Goofy. Holmes: Elizabeth? Stott: Super energetic. Holmes: Vince? Stott: You know I’m doing this on a hangover, so I’m not at my best. Holmes: You’re doing a fantastic job. There are no wrong answers here. Stott: (Laughs) OK, good. Vince was my dude. Super cool. Holmes: Dan? Stott: Damn…I mean…yeah. I’m not sure. Holmes: None of us are. Stott: Yeah. Holmes: Tommy? Stott: Big tree. Holmes: Dean? Stott: Mr. drop the mic! He’d drop these one liners. He didn’t talk much, but me and someone else would be cracking all of these jokes and then thirty minutes in he’d say a one liner and I’d be rolling. Holmes: Noura? Stott:  Froot Loop. Holmes: I love that you think you’re the first person to ever do this with a hangover. Stott: It’s hard to focus! Holmes: I have a very real concern that there are a lot of Noura antics that we’re never going to see. Gimme your favorite Noura story. Stott: I love Noura. Her energy, dude? She’s over the top. She was obsessed with opening coconuts. She would open 50 coconuts just when she’s telling a story about some boyfriend from five years ago that leads into some boyfriend…she was always talking about ex-boyfriends. By the time she was done there were 50 coconuts open! The funny thing is she would go to the water to do something, then come back 30 minutes later. She’d start throwing those same coconuts away. She’d throw them away, then open new coconuts. Dean and I would tidy up and he’d come to me and be like, “Yo, are these good coconuts?” We were all the time cracking up because she was coconut crazy. But, in the moment it was like, “Oh my god, Noura…I’m going to murder you.” It was hilarious. She’s one of a kind, bro. She’s a cool lady, but she’s a little coocoo for Cocoa Puffs. Holmes: I feel like she’d be a blast to hang out with and a nightmare to play “Survivor” with. Stott: Exactly. You can’t tame that lion. She can’t keep her mouth shut. Dang it, lady, you tell all your business all the time. But, she’s super cool. Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes